Enterprise Networks

Fully integrated security for every communication channel in your organization

Your business depends on the web, email and file exchange. That's why over 90% of cyber attacks use those communication channels to infiltrate your organization and gain access to your valuable data or cause damage.1 In an attempt to defend those channels, traditional signature-based security software can generate thousands of alerts each week, over 80% of which are considered false positives—those not worth pursuing, leaving most organizations resource-starved to process even the critical 20%.2

While organizations try to apply expertise and intelligence to deal with the plethora of alerts, the systems are already breached and vulnerable to data loss and vandalism—especially from the evasive attacks of today, including zero-day, blended, and targeted attacks that traditional signature-based solutions fail to detect. A recent FireEye study showed 97% of organizations suffered breaches even though they all had traditional security solutions in place.

The FireEye Enterprise Network Security solution enables you to rapidly detect and respond to today’s evasive threats missed by traditional defenses, across all major threat vectors—network/web, email, and file systems. This integrated intelligence helps you prioritize threats with rich contextual insights, stay informed on the threat landscape and the attackers, and get the most out of your resources and budget by having 24/7 remote monitoring of FireEye appliances.

FireEye Enterprise Network Solution

FireEye Enterprise Network Solution

Why comprehensive and integrated protection across all major threat vectors is essential to detect today’s advanced attacks that traditional solutions miss. (video - 1:45 min)

Benefits of enterprise network security

Defend Multiple Attack Vectors

Defend Multiple Attack Vectors

  • Scan data both at rest (file shares) and in motion (email and web traffic) to quickly identify and validate threats
  • Correlate activity across remote and local networks and devices to identify known and unknown (zero-day, blended and targeted) attacks
  • Improve response times and efficiency by prioritizing validated threats with detailed threat intelligence

Proactively Block Threat Actors

Proactively Block Threat Actors

  • Detect attacks in real time to stop them from spreading through your systems
  • Identify and stop both known and unknown (zero-day) attacks
  • Leverage industry-leading threat intelligence from global deployments and incident response engagements to understand why, how and where threat actors are targeting your organization

Minimize Total Cost of Ownership

Minimize Total Cost of Ownership

  • Eliminate false positives to save time and resources and attend to critical alerts
  • Prioritize real threats with rich contextual insights to better manage your risks
  • Leverage an integrated platform with technology, intelligence and expertise to stop advanced attacks
  • Consolidate reporting, administration and data sharing of threat prevention platforms

Success and Failure in Cyber Security

Learn how a signature-less network security solution with multi-vector sandboxing technology can detect and block evasive, targeted, multi-stage attacks—both known and never-before-seen.

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Why Point Tools are Not Enough

Learn why organizations need an integrated, modern approach to combat today's sophisticated cyber attacks.

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Customer Story

Read how Saudi Ministry stopped and responded faster to blended attacks with FireEye Network and Email security.

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Solution components

  • Network Threat Prevention Platform with Intrusion Prevention: Stop both known and unknown network threats missed by traditional defense-in-depth technologies

  • Email Threat Prevention with AV/AS: Block advanced email attacks as well as traditional email-based spam and virus attacks, on-premises and/or in the cloud

  • File Protect: Detect malicious code in externally-generated files from colleagues, customers, and partners

  • Malware Analysis Platform: Identify malicious files on compromised web servers

  • Central Management: Consolidate administration, reporting, and data sharing of threat prevention platforms to protect against multi-vector attacks