Email Security

Proactively detect and stop all types of email-borne threats

Traditional security solutions simply can’t stop today’s advanced email attacks such as zero-day exploits, malware hidden in attachments, malicious URLs and ransomware. But FireEye Email Security can. It applies the latest intelligence to proactively inspect email in real-time for behavioral anomalies to detect and block attacks others miss.

FireEye Email Security is a store-and-forward email analysis solution that:

  • Reduces risk of unauthorized access to your people, data and assets
  • Protects your brand and reputation by preventing high-profile breaches
  • Provides the what, who and why of threats and threat actors, optimizing valuable security resources
  • Offers on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployment options


Stop Ransomware with Email Security

Upgrade to FireEye Email Security and save up to 60%

FireEye Email Threat Prevention Cloud (ETP) is different from traditional email security. It is a complete, cloud-based email security solution that delivers automatic, real-time protection from targeted spear-phishing attacks and is supported by FireEye Advanced Threat Intelligence (ATI).

Get better email protection from the leader in cyber security and save up to 60%

Get complete email protection from cyber attacks

Proactively detect and block advanced malware attacks

Proactively detect and block advanced malware attacks

Prevent the activation of ransomware and spear-phishing attacks with world-leading cyber intelligence.

  • Stop unauthorized access to your people, data and assets
  • Ward off attacks that get past other email security products
Get contextual intelligence that accelerates response

Get contextual intelligence that accelerates response

Simplify prioritizing alerts and contain threats faster with attack and attacker intelligence gained from firsthand investigations.

  • Identify threats with minimal noise and false positives
  • Reduce operational expenses by focusing on real attacks
Protect both email and network (web) vectors

Protect both email and network (web) vectors

Integrate Email Security with FireEye Network Security to stop blended attacks that elude email-only and web-only defenses.

  • Secure your network against web, email and file attacks
  • Trace web-based attacks back to the original spear-phishing email


"We recently blocked several serious targeted attempts sourced from both email and websites – including ransomware and credential stealing – where FireEye more than proved its worth."

- Stephen Schommer, IT Director, Northshore Utility District

Intelligence-driven email protection

FireEye MVX Engine

FireEye MVX Engine

Analyzes every attachment and URL in every email to block spear phishing.

Advanced Threat Intelligence (ATI)

Advanced Threat Intelligence (ATI)

Accelerates threat containment and minimizes noise and false alerts.

Credential phishing and typosquatting protection

Credential phishing and typosquatting protection

Detects and stops targeted attacks that begin with a spear-phishing email.

Dynamic zero-day attack analysis

Dynamic zero-day attack analysis

Stops attacks that exploit OS, browser and application vulnerabilities.

Automatic email quarantine

Automatic email quarantine

Isolates malicious emails in real-time for further analysis or deletion.

Custom YARA rules support

Custom YARA rules support

Allows you to analyze attachments for threats targeting your organization.

Message tracking

Message tracking

Increases visibility into and control over scanned emails.

Easy deployment and configuration

Easy deployment and configuration

Reduces operational costs and increases your security team’s effectiveness.

Flexible deployment options

On-premise email security

FireEye Email Security (EX series) is an on-premise appliance that protects against advanced email attacks. Real-time updates from the entire FireEye security ecosystem combined with attribution of alerts to known threat actors provide context for prioritizing and acting on critical alerts and blocking spear-phishing emails.

Cloud email security

With nothing to install, FireEye Email Threat Prevention Cloud (ETP) is ideal if you’re migrating email to the cloud. It integrates seamlessly with cloud-based email systems such as Office 365 with Exchange Online Protection to stop targeted attacks faster and more accurately than Exchange Online Protection alone.

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