FireEye Adaptive Defense

Technology. Intelligence. Expertise.

Cyber security is more than technology. As cyber attacks change, our defenses must evolve. Today's security architecture must be agile, flexible, and deeply integrated. It must offer a far-reaching view of threats to prevent attacks and avert their worst effects.

Adaptive Defense Defined

FireEye Adaptive Defense is a new approach to cyber security that delivers technology, expertise, and intelligence in a unified, nimble framework. You get the level of protection you want, delivered the way you want it.

  • Our state-of-the-art technology protects you with our patented virtual-machine detection (MVX™) engine. Find cyber attacks that bypass signature-based tools and common sandboxes.
  • Our security expertise comes from fighting the most skilled, persistent threat actors. Resolve data breaches quickly and prepare for future attacks.
  • Our threat intelligence blends threat data from millions of virtual-machine detection engines around the world with the vast experience of our expert cyber security analysts. Hunt for new attacks, tools, and methods to keep your defenses up to date.

Adaptive Defense at Work

Most defenses focus on only one or two of these features. They miss most attacks. When they do detect a data breach, they can do little to fix it. Today's architecture must continuously detect, prevent, analyze, and respond to threats.

FireEye Adaptive Defense:

  • Detects cyber threats other security tools may be missing – in minutes, not months.
  • Prevents many cyber attacks instantly and stops complex attacks before they cause lasting damage.
  • Analyzes network traffic, files, and endpoint activity for a full view of your environment. Know what systems are affected and understand the impact.
  • Responds quickly to attacks to reduce incident response times. Get the details and advice you need to remove the threat without disrupting operations.

Adaptive Defense Your Way

Adaptive Defense constantly evolves. It learns and improves to deal with new cyber threats. It conforms to your evolving needs. And it offers flexible purchase options to fit your accounting model.

Cover one threat vector or all of them with FireEye Threat Prevention Platforms– and scale as conditions change. Manage FireEye deployments yourself or partner with FireEye as a Service for outside expertise. And choose how much you want to know about attackers with three levels of FireEye Threat Intelligence.

The Adaptive Defense Security Model

Hear from David Merkel, FireEye CTO, on why today’s cyber attacks require an adaptive defense model that incorporates not only technology but intelligence and expertise as well.

Through acquisition and organic development, FireEye has successfully expanded its presence from a network-based threat detection company to a holistic cyber attack solution provider."

- IDC Research