FireEye as a Service

Expect answers (not alerts)

Your security team should be focused on safeguarding your company’s data assets. Instead, they are overwhelmed by alerts, unable to discern real threats from false alarms. Most security teams can investigate just a small fraction of alerts, most of which turn out to be false alarms. Your managed security services provider (MSSP) is not helping, either. Most likely, they are simply filtering the noise, parsing down the number of alerts from millions to hundreds, telling you that you might have a problem but pushing the investigative burden back on your team. Meanwhile, attackers hide in the noise, operating at will for months before detection.

FireEye as a Service provides continuous compromise assessment and response, using FireEye products and intelligence to detect signs of intrusion early, rapidly investigate, and provide the answers you need to respond effectively. In most cases, detection through response occurs within hours, drastically minimizing the scope, impact, and cost of a breach.

FireEye as a Service – Answers, Not Alerts

FireEye as a Service – Answers, Not Alerts

Extend your security team with experts from FireEye who will monitor your network for threats around the clock. (video - 3:45 min)

With FireEye as a Service, we focus on threat validation and proactive analyst-driven hunting for signs of compromise. Using FireEye investigation technologies like Enterprise Forensics, Threat Analytics Platform and Endpoint Security, we retrieve and analyze data from your network traffic recordings, your security device logs, and every endpoint in your environment. We compile evidence, build a timeline of events, and apply our experience and knowledge about threat actor behavior to track an attacker down fast.

We update you regularly on investigation progress and deliver definitive, action-oriented reports containing the context you need to fully understand the threat, assess risk, and take recommended action. As we learn about new attacker methods, we create and deploy new intel through FireEye detection technologies such as Network Security, Email Security, and Email Threat Prevention to look for and block those same attack characteristics across the FireEye as a Service community.

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Security as a service is on the rise. In this market guide Gartner explains one approach to this model: Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. Read about the benefits of MDR services, potential vendors and their evaluations.

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"The FireEye suite of technologies combined with FireEye as a Service provides a level of coverage and visibility that my organization could not afford to duplicate by other means (e.g. hiring the necessary staff)."

- C.L., Information Security Manager for a mid-sized US manufacturer

FireEye as a Service Video Series

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The Architecture

Peter Smith, Service Architect, discusses how FireEye technology and tools are used by FireEye as a Service analysts to detect, monitor and analyze threats in your network.

FAAS HUNTING no music v2

Hunting for Threats

Manager for Advanced Practices, Nicole Oppenheim, discusses our hunting methodology and how we use our understanding of attackers and malware to proactively find attackers.


On-Boarding Process

Senior Manager, Chris Tannery, discusses important milestones throughout the onboarding process for new FireEye as a Service customers.


FireEye as a Service Portal

In this video, Nicole Cavaleri, Sr. Product Manager, walks through the FireEye as a Service portal.

"The gap between security openings and skilled people to fill them will reach 1.5 million by 2020."

- Frost & Sullivan, The 2015 (ISC) 2 Global Information Security Workforce Study. April 2015.

5 Considerations When Evaluating a Security as a Service Provider

Hear how to identify the right security as a service provider - one that will provide you with continuous monitoring and answers, not alerts.

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Building a Business Case for FireEye as a Service

Find out how to frame your security investment discussion by emphasizing the business value and ROI of an Adaptive Defense approach to security.

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Closing the Expertise Gap

How FireEye as a Service can enhance your tools, team, and security service providers.

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Real-World Use Case: Clandestine Wolf

Learn how the technology, intelligence, and expertise delivered through FireEye as a Service enabled customers to detect, analyze, and respond to an unknown vulnerability.

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