FireEye as a Service

Extend your security operations with industry-leading expertise, threat intelligence and technology

Technology alone will not defeat persistent, well-funded attackers. Yet security teams often lack the time, in-depth knowledge of adversary behaviors, and investigative expertise required to detect today’s increasingly sophisticated threats. Consequently, many organizations never really know to what extent they’ve been compromised.

FireEye as a Service is a managed detection, investigation and response service that provides battle-savvy security experts, equipped with timely, relevant threat intelligence to detect, investigate and remediate threats early in the attacker lifecycle.

FireEye as a Service – Answers, Not Alerts

Answers, Not Alerts

Extend your security team with experts from FireEye who will monitor your network for threats around the clock. (video - 3:45 min)

Early detection reduces business risk

Detect threats that matter

Detect threats that matter

Gain real-time visibility into evolving threats within and outside your organization.

  • Adaptive detection, informed by adversary, victim and machine intelligence
  • Experts proactively hunt for anomalies that indicate hidden attacker activity
Investigate thoroughly

Investigate thoroughly

Quickly assess risk with detailed compromise assessments from our remote incident investigation team.

  • Proprietary investigation methods reveal signs of intrusion and quickly assign severity
  • Gain insights into how attackers operate – their evolving tactics, tools and procedures
Respond confidently and correctly

Respond confidently and correctly

Prescriptive recommendations from industry-leading experts for faster threat response.

  • Contextually rich threat intelligence informs risk assessment
  • Expert remediation recommendations provide customized, practical advice for quickly responding to threats


“The FireEye suite of technologies combined with FireEye as a Service provides a level of coverage and visibility that my organization could not afford to duplicate by other means (e.g. hiring the necessary staff).”

- C.L., Information Security Manager for a mid-sized US manufacturer

FireEye as a Service features

Premium security expertise to augment your security organization – within your budget

Investment protection

Investment protection

Leverage existing investments, whether on premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

Adaptive, intuitive analytics

Adaptive, intuitive analytics

Discover non-malware-based threats by exposing hidden patterns and anomalies in data.

Proactive immunity

Proactive immunity

Receive hourly, machine-ready threat intelligence updates on new attacker methods.

One-click containment

One-click containment

Isolate compromised systems instantly to reduce the impact of breaches.

Continuous vigilance

Continuous vigilance

Use a follow-the-sun workflow to ensure seamless handoff of in-progress investigations.

Global scale

Global scale

Take advantage of seven Advanced Threat Response Centers (ATRCs) operating worldwide.

Compliance dashboards and widgets

Compliance dashboards and widgets

Easily visualize and report on data to adhere to PCI, HIPAA and other requirements.

Engagement managers

Engagement managers

Facilitate additional support such as analysis of malware samples, in-depth forensic analysis or optional on-site incident response.

How FireEye as a Service works

FireEye as a Service managed detection, investigation and response service. It extends your security team with a combination of experts, technology and intelligence to detect and investigate attacks on your network.

  • FireEye as a Service leverages your existing investments in both FireEye and third party technology to provide real-time visibility across the enterprise, including your most remote locations.
  • FireEye’s expert threat analysts extend beyond traditional security monitoring, using proprietary techniques powered by adversary, victim and machine-based threat intelligence to detect, investigate and proactively hunt for previously undetected threats.
  • When we validate signs of compromise, we notify you immediately and deliver a full investigative report that provides context on the threat to inform an effective response.
  • In some cases, we recommend the immediate quarantine of affected systems to prevent lateral movement of attack.
  • If required, FireEye incident responders with forensic expertise can also help you resolve incidents quickly and assess impact for prompt, accurate disclosure.

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