People Behind FireEye as a Service

The gap between security openings and skilled people to fill them will reach 1.5 million by 2020 according to Frost & Sullivan's Global Information Security Workforce study. Organizations continue to face an asymmetric battle in today's threat landscape. Attackers are well funded, continuously adapt their tactics to go undetected and only need to compromise one endpoint to compromise an organization. Organizations need to protect their entire network and every entry point into it.

FireEye as a Service can help. Let our experts be an extension of your internal security team. Take advantage of the decade's worth of threat intelligence we leverage to proactively hunt for attackers in your network. Our experts will continuously monitor your environment and alert you to the things you want to know.

FireEye as a Service

FireEye as a Service

Learn how you can have around-the-clock cyber security technology, intelligence and expertise. (video - 0:55 min)

Meet the experts


Peter Smith, Lead Architect

With his interest in cyber security starting as early as eighth grade, Peter has been with FireEye (and previously Mandiant) since 2010. As a Service Architect and Lead Incident Handler at FireEye, Peter explains a day on the job as, "I work with [the analysts] a lot, finding the bad guys. Sometimes that means training and imparting what I know about the attackers, or designing tools for them to be able to do their jobs faster, and other times I'm looking for the bad guys myself."

FUN FACT: Peter is an aviation nut and if he wasn't working in cyber security he'd probably be a pilot ferrying supplies to remote Alaskan cities, or something like that!

Podcast: Getting to know Peter

Peter is responsible for designing network services that our analysts use to defend FireEye customers from advanced attackers. In this Q&A find out how Peter became interested in cyber security and what led him to FireEye.

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Peter explains the FireEye as a Service architecture

Peter discusses how FireEye technology and tools are used by FireEye as a Service analysts to detect, monitor and analyze threats in your network.

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Nicole Oppenheim, Manager for Advanced Practices

Nicole started work in the security industry in high school. She knew from an even younger age she wanted to join the FBI and wanted to use computers for investigative work. Nicole states, "What I love most [about my job] is being able to apply what I've learned over all the different years and apply it globally for multiple different companies. I like to watch attackers evolve ... and being on the other side of the fence, feeling like I'm actually fighting them."

FUN FACT: Both of Nicole's parents worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) and so did Nicole at the young age of 16!

Podcast: Getting to know Nicole

Responsible for reviewing our analytical strategy, Nicole also helps determine the best way to find advanced attackers as they continually evolve. On this podcast learn what her most interesting findings have been working on the FireEye as a Service team.

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Nicole shows you how we hunt

Hear about our hunting methodology and how we use our understanding of attackers and malware to proactively find attackers.

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Chris Tannery, Senior Manager

Chris, a former U.S. Marine who has been on-board a F-16b Falcon fighter (and flown at the speed of sound), is our FireEye as a Service on-boarding expert. He interacts daily with customers to get them up and running with FireEye as a Service and "love the protection aspect" of helping organizations protect their assets and data.

FUN FACT: Chris is big on fitness. He loves weight lifting, running and adventure racing, like the Tough Mudder and Spartan series races!

Podcast: Getting to know Chris

Hear from Chris Tannery and get insights into his history, what brought him to FireEye and how he helps on-board FireEye as a Service customers.

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Chris explains on-boarding

Learn about the important milestones throughout the on-boarding process for new FireEye as a Service customers.

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