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FireEye Product Services

Get the most out of your investment in FireEye technology

FireEye experts deploy and use FireEye technology every day to detect, investigate, and respond to some of the most complex breaches worldwide. We install, maintain, and use FireEye technology in real world situations in a wide range of customer environments to combat attackers on the frontlines.

Our experts help you plan and execute your technology deployment and integrate that technology into your security stack and overall security operations. Throughout the process, we share our expertise with your team to give them the knowledge they need to optimize their processes and their technology. 

FireEye Product Services Offerings

Jumpstart Services

Help rapidly and effectively implement FireEye products in your environment.

  • Include deployment services for every FireEye product offering
  • Ensure proper integration with existing tools to help achieve your security objectives

Enterprise Platform Services

Implement comprehensive FireEye solutions effectively in larger, more complex environments.

  • Include project management, architecture, installation, deployment and testing
  • Apply advanced capabilities through in-depth engagement with your security team

Analysis Best Practices

Show your team the product analysis procedures they need to incorporate FireEye products into security operations.

  • Teach analysts to quickly and correctly evaluate and triage FireEye alerts
  • Improve security maturity through a better understanding of alert response processes

Staff Augmentation Services

Provide information security and FireEye product expertise to fill gaps in your staff and provide full time support for critical projects.

  • Quickly increase your team’s capacity and expertise with dedicated resources
  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of the FireEye team

FireEye Product Services Features

Let our technology expertise help you.
  • Integrate products across your security infrastructure to enable alert and incident correlation
  • Optimize workflows through automation to improve security operations productivity and response times
  • Apply world-class FireEye threat intelligence that is relevant to your industry and your organizational practices
  • Learn process and technology best practices from the experts
  • Optimize technology performance with recommended architecture and configuration settings
  • Implement appropriate processes to integrate technology into your security operations
  • Get best in class service from security experts with unparalleled FireEye technology experience

Ready to get started?

Our security experts are standing by to help you with an incident or answer questions about our
consulting and managed detection and response services.

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