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Cloud Security for Government

Join the CyberWire and FireEye subject matter experts in this video webcast as they discuss how government IT managers can overcome cloud adoption challenges and pave the way for a successful path forward.

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FireEye’s CISO perspective on cloud security for government

Special Report

Attaining comprehensive cybersecurity awareness at machine speed

How advanced threat intelligence and a new suite of automated tools from FireEye are helping agencies narrow their multicloud security gaps.

FireEye government Chief Technology Officer Ron Bushar has seen his share of ransomware cases and security breaches over the past 12 months. The scenes are familiar. He and FireEye analysts would gather, side by side, with members of a government agency’s security team to assess what they were dealing with. The FBI would usually be there — sometimes so would the Secret Service — along with specialists from various security technology vendors.

Cloud security special report
The FireEye approach to cloud security
White Paper

The FireEye approach to cloud security

FireEye and Mandiant Solutions approach cloud security holistically, delivering people, process and proven technology to secure government data and support modernization. Our unique understanding of how organizations combat cyber attacks guides us in everything we do:

  • Build our products 
  • Analyze and produce our threat intelligence 
  • Arm our Managed Defense teams 
  • Help our Mandiant cyber security consultants prepare for, respond to, and remediate government breaches

A flash poll on federal security infrastructure and IT adaptability

Federal agencies are increasingly shifting workloads to the cloud to enable remote working in response to COVID-19. This and other modern challenges place increased pressure on federal security infrastructure to perform under changing circumstances, but can it adapt? A new poll by Government Business Council (GBC) finds that many federal employees believe their IT security infrastructure is stiff, unadaptable, and deserves investment.

Cloud security special report
The FireEye approach to cloud security

AWS and FireEye - A Holistic Cloud Security Approach for Government

Institutions across the public sector know they need to secure data as it’s stored, transferred, and accessed via cloud environments. Just one security breach can cause significant financial, privacy and reputational damage.

In the new eBook A Holistic Cloud Security Approach for Government, we share information and best practices on how to improve cloud security.