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Zero Trust for Federal Government

A Guide to Achieving Improved Cyber Security

Recent zero-day events—the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline incidents demonstrate the sophistication of today’s cyber attacks. The escalation of security incidents like these underpin the Biden Administration’s recent Executive Order, which aims to modernize U.S. government cybersecurity defenses.

Public sector organizations and the industrial base are prime targets for sophisticated threat actors. Such actors pick their targets carefully as they evolve their techniques and tools. For example, in the SolarWinds case, the attackers compromised the supply chain and remained undetected for as long as possible. Not only must organizations be able to recognize threat actors and detect current threat actor activity–they must also be sure that adversary-specific security controls are working as intended.

In the new white paper, Zero Trust for Federal Government: A Guide to Achieving Improved Cyber Security, we share information and best practices for building a detailed strategy for zero trust, maturing the implementation and key components that will help federal agencies efficiently and effectively addresses the cyber-attack landscape and meet the mission of the cyber security Executive Order. This white paper covers:

  • The Cybersecurity Executive Order as it pertains to Zero Trust
  • Zero-Trust architecture enhancement through intelligence
  • Improvedinvestigation and remediation with the Mandiant approach
  • The FireEye approach to Zero Trust
  • Tying it all together with Intelligence, Validation and XDR

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