FireEye Helix

Simplify, integrate and automate security operations to stop threats faster.

Today’s security operations are frequently disjointed and plagued by limited visibility and false alerts. As a result, organizations are unable to quickly and cost-effectively prioritize and respond to threats.

The Solution? FireEye Helix.

FireEye Helix is a revolutionary intelligence-led platform that simplifies, integrates and automates security operations. It offers FireEye network security and endpoint protection, provides visibility into your existing third party security solutions, and delivers context derived from FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence and Mandiant expertise.

This unified security experience enables your organization to stop more threats while reducing operational costs of security. FireEye Helix can seamlessly integrate and improve any security operation, whether deployed on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Learn how FireEye Helix removes the complexity from security.

FireEye Helix makes cyber security easier

Expand visibility from network to endpoints

Expand visibility from network to endpoints

Enhance visibility by combining our award-winning network and endpoint technology with a unified console that centralizes alerts from both FireEye solutions and the rest of your security infrastructure.

  • Identify threats and automate alert validation with FireEye MVX to eliminate false positives
  • Overlay FireEye rules and analytics to prioritize threats hidden in existing alert volume
Accelerate response to threats

Accelerate response to threats

Give analysts validated alerts with contextual analyses and the ability to pivot from detection to remediation.

  • Infuse FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence for unparalleled context to simplify threat alert monitoring, triage and investigation
  • Respond to threats faster with automated playbooks that codify best practices from Mandiant security experts
Reduce operational costs

Reduce operational costs

Get the most out of existing but disconnected tools, which require slow, error-prone manual processing.

  • Streamline operations and prevent costly manual errors with automated correlation
  • Make any log source more valuable with broad support for hundreds of solutions


"The FireEye console gives me a unified view of everything. If we do witness something happening that warrants closer scrutiny we can triage any system and do on-the-spot forensics right from our offices without the need to go out and visit each desktop."

- Michael Echols, Chief Information Security Officer, Maricopa County

FireEye Helix features

High fidelity detection

High fidelity detection

Identify threats others miss with network-to-endpoint MVX-driven detection combined with event data from non-FireEye solutions.



Detect, enrich, explore and learn about the latest intelligence on cyber threats.



Discover non-malware-based threats by exposing hidden patterns and anomalies in data.



Automate, accelerate and inform the response process with pre-built playbooks designed by frontline practitioners.

Investigative workbench

Investigative workbench

Index, archive, search and analyze possible malware in alerts and event data from all sources across your infrastructure.

Works with your deployment

Works with your deployment

Integrate and improve any security operation whether it is located on premise, in the cloud, or have a hybrid deployment.



Easily visualize and adhere to PCI, HIPAA and other requirements with pre-defined and customizable dashboards, widgets and reporting capabilities.

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