Endpoint SecurityHX Series

Comprehensive, Intelligence-driven endpoint visibility to detect, analyze and inspect threats

Most endpoint systems use traditional security tools that rely on signature-based defenses. Skilled attackers can readily bypass these defenses by probing for vulnerabilities or taking advantage of existing gaps or vulnerabilities. The security gaps along with an increasing number of endpoints increases the risk of a breach. While organizations need to protect every endpoint, an attacker only needs to compromise a single one.  

FireEye offers industry-leading threat and exploit detection capabilities with FireEye Endpoint Security (HX Series). The solution enables endpoint visibility for a more flexible and adaptive defense against known or unknown threats.

FireEye Endpoint Security Solution

FireEye Endpoint Security Solution

Demo including dashboard, triage, and enterprise search functionality. (video - 2:51 min)

How FireEye Endpoint Security Works


When an attack is detected, Endpoint Security automatically updates your endpoints with available threat intelligence and inspects them to see if there is a corresponding threat or indicator of compromise (IOC). Endpoint Security provides additional efficiencies and protection through a variety of features:

  • Enterprise Security Search: compromised endpoints can be isolated with a single click to identify known or unknown threats on other endpoints.
  • Data Acquisition: allows analysts to inspect compromised endpoints and analyze gathered information to create custom IOCs and address previously unknown threats.
  • Exploit Guard: detects and correlates activities that indicate an exploit is in progress, alerting security teams and giving analysts comprehensive endpoint visibility to determine attacker behavior, methodologies and tools whether the endpoints are on or off-premise.

"Enterprises spend more than $5 billion every year on endpoint security solutions but continue to lose ground to attacks."

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Benefits of FireEye Endpoint Security

Intelligence-based threat and exploit detection

  • Apply over 10 years of FireEye threat intelligence to detect and identify exploits and other known endpoint threats
  • Conduct detailed, security-specific searches of tens of thousands of on- or off-premise endpoints to find and analyze unknown threats
  • Access shared threat communities and global threat intelligence indicators for further visibility and to create custom threat indicators for your specific environment

Enhanced validation and immediate containment

  • Easily and instantly validate suspected attacks on endpoints using the Triage Viewer, and new Audit Viewer allowing a complete triage session workflow to stay within Endpoint Security to inspect and analyze any endpoint incident  
  • Immediately isolate compromised endpoints with a single click to prevent lateral spread
  • Conduct customized, security-specific broad searches of every endpoint with Enterprise Security Search to find known and unknown threats, whether or not there is an associated IOC event  

Better intelligence, smarter analysis and faster incident response

  • Identify and analyze IOCs across a large number of systems to get the full scope of incident impact to improve the quality of your response by having a complete picture of the incident and timeline
  • Detect exploits on endpoints and use stored forensic information on each endpoint and conduct near real-time playback of malicious activity to inspect, analyze and understand any impact of threat or exploit activity 
  • Use a well-designed dashboard to react quickly and appropriately to threats based on incident details, including sibling processes and executables