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Industrial & Critical Infrastructure

Protect critical operations with world class solutions and frontline expertise

Protect complex industrial and critical infrastructure with Mandiant’s deep understanding of attacker behavior and unmatched threat intelligence, combined with visibility across operational technology (OT) networks from FireEye technology.


Hacking your Operational Technology for Defense 

How Mandiant and FireEye Can Help

How effective are my defenses?

Test your ability to mitigate, detect and contain threats.

Offensive Security

Mitigate and detect attacks on mission-critical industrial operations with tailored Offensive Security assessments to uncover your readiness against advanced attacks.

Do I know what threats matter?

Empower your team with relevant cyber threat intelligence.

Mandiant Threat Intelligence

Give your team the knowledge they need to focus on threats that matter to your business now. Mandiant tailors threat intelligence to your business so you can reduce risk and detect emerging threats before they impact your operations

Do I have the technology I need?

Protect across IT and OT networks and simplify Security Operations so you can focus on events that matter.

Network Security

Gain network visibility with greater scalability, flexibility and efficiency to protect against damaging attacks.

Automated Defense

Find real incidents across your IT and OT networks with automated monitoring, decision making, and triage. 

FireEye Helix

Integrate disparate technology, process and expertise so you can take control of any incident from alert to fix.

Do I have the experts I need?

Amplify your team with defenders who routinely protect against sophisticated attackers.

Managed Defense

Augment your defenses with managed detection and response services delivered by Mandiant OT experts.

Mandiant Consulting

Advance your team's ability to detect, respond to and contain sophisticated cyber threats.

Protection for ICS/OT Environments


  • Custom risk ratings for your organization.
  • Identify ICS security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and flaws.
  • Actionable recommendations specific to your industrial process.

Cyber Physical Threat Intelligence

  • In-depth insight into threat actors targeting your organization.
  • Intelligence on ICS threats to better manage risk and make informed decisions.
  • Adaptive detection, informed by adversary, victim and machine intelligence.

Managed Defense

  • Continuous threat detection, asset modeling, and rapid response using world-class expertise, technology, and intelligence.
  • Direct collaboration with a FireEye OT security expert during high priority incidents.
  • Amplify your security team with OT expertise.

FireEye named
for Industrial Control Systems

Enhance your infrastructure with solutions for ICS/OT

ICS/OT Expertise

ICS/OT Expertise

Over 10 years experience serving ICS-specific customers.

Insight into Threat Landscape

Insight into Threat Landscape

Leverage industry leading threat intelligence.

Identify the Threats that Matter

Identify the Threats that Matter

Focus on the most impactful threats to your organization, saving your team time and effort.

Campaign Response

Campaign Response

Leverage FireEye’s unique vantage point to identify emerging threats and campaigns which may impact customers broadly, or in a particular industry or region.

Actionable Recommendations

Actionable Recommendations

Actionable recommendations prioritized, customized and placed into appropriate context based on the risks and concerns specific to your industrial process.

Access to Intelligence & Expertise

Access to Intelligence & Expertise

Access to an elite team of ICS/OT analysts, backed by more than 1000 cybersecurity experts and global threat researchers with over 10 years’ frontline experience.

Global Scale

Global Scale

24 x 7 x 365 alert coverage by SOCs in the United States, Ireland, Singapore and Sydney.


“We always want to be confident in our ability to protect our most important ‘crown jewel’—the safety of our systems. I know that I can rely on FireEye Mandiant, especially the company’s incident response capability, and that makes me feel more comfortable than before”

- CIO, International Railway

Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

Read the customer story
International railway operator defends IT and OT systems.

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