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Network Security and Forensics

Leave No Attack Unseen

Network Security and Forensics Overview

“FireEye has cemented its reputation as a provider of high-quality security solutions and has won business from some of the world’s largest enterprise organizations and government agencies. Despite continued demand for FireEye sandbox solutions, the company has continued to identify opportunities for growth, including products and services that support customer security detection, investigation, and response capabilities.”

– Frost & Sullivan

Detect threats others miss

  • Apply state of the art, signatureless detection and protection against the most advanced threats, including zero-days.
  • Combine heuristics, code analysis, statistical analysis, emulation, and machine learning in one advanced sandboxing solution.
  • Enhance detection efficacy with frontline intelligence derived on the frontlines of the world’s biggest breaches.

Respond to alerts that matter

  • Gain high-fidelity alerts that trigger for when it matters most, saving time and resources.
  • Enhance threat awareness with context created by FireEye's leading security practitioners.
  • Improve analyst efficiency by reducing alert volume and fatigue.

Adapt to your needs

  • Choose from a complete set of deployment scenarios, including in-line and out of band, on-premise, hybrid, public and private cloud, and virtual offerings.
  • Consolidate network security technology stack with a built-in Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Dynamic Threat Intelligence.
  • Augment with FireEye Endpoint and Email Security under FireEye Helix platform for end-to-end advanced threat protection from a single vendor.

FireEye XDR

Simplifying Threat Detection and Response

FireEye XDR uncovers threats by correlating incident data and applying unparalleled frontline intelligence and analytics. Simplifying threat detection, investigation, and incident response by highlighting what is critical, and up-level analyst proficiencies.

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Network + Email

1 + 1 = 3 with Network and Email Security. See the bigger picture, detect blended attacks, and respond more effectively.

Network + Endpoint

Stop web shell attacks, reduce the time to detect and respond from weeks down to minutes.

FireEye + iboss

iboss + FireEye Cloud Network Security delivers advanced threat protection regardless of device or end user location.​

FireEye Detection On Demand

A threat detection service that is delivered as an API for integration into the SOC workflow, SIEM analytics, data repositories, or customer web applications. FireEye Detection On Demand delivers flexible file and content analysis capabilities to identify malicious behavior wherever the enterprise needs it.


“It's to the point now that I'm actually afraid of removing FireEye Network Security because I see everything that it catches. It finds things on local computers that the anti-virus program misses. It's pretty amazing in what it catches.”

- Nathan Sinclair, Cyber Security Defense Center Manager, City & County of San Francisco


Protect Network Infrastructure

Is my Internet and internal network secure? Control your network and data center with confidence.

Respond to Incidents

FireEye Network Forensics: Rapidly capture and investigate full-packet and contextual data on the network.

Network Security and Forensics features

Defend your network with the most reliable cyber-attack protection available.
Signature-less threat detection (MVX service)

Signature-less threat detection (MVX service)

Detects multi-flow, multi-stage, zero-day, polymorphic, ransomware and other advanced attacks.

Real-time and retroactive detection

Real-time and retroactive detection

Detects known and unknown threats in real time while also enabling back-in-time detection of threats.

Multi-vector correlation

Multi-vector correlation

Automates validation and blocking of attacks across multiple vectors.

Signature-based IPS detection

Signature-based IPS detection

Automates and accelerates triaging of traditionally noisy alerts to eliminate overhead.

Riskware detection

Riskware detection

Categorizes critical and non-critical malware to surface the biggest threats and prioritize response resources.

Real-time inline blocking

Real-time inline blocking

Immediately stops attacks to improve efficiency and minimize the impact of security incidents.

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