Intrusion Prevention System

Reduce false alerts for known threats

In a typical week, organizations receive an average of 17,000 malware alerts. Traditional signature-based intrusion prevention systems (IPS) contribute to this noise and cannot detect advanced attacks. And, over 80% of their alerts are unreliable. 

The FireEye Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is included with the FireEye Network Security solution. The combination of FireEye IPS and the Multi-Vector Virtual Execution™ (MVX) engine reliably detects known and unknown threats. False alerts and operating expenses are dramatically reduced as the MVX engine automatically validates signature-based threats.

Significantly Reduce IPS Alert Noise

Significantly Reduce IPS Alert Noise

Learn how to reduce operating expenses by automating the identification of true alerts. (Video – 1:45 min)

Benefits of Network Security with FireEye Intrusion Prevention System

Defend against known and unknown threats
  • Protect against common vulnerabilities for both client- and server-side traffic
  • Detect and defend against known and unknown (advanced and zero-day) attacks inline and in real time
  • Get full alert detail and context at the point of detection for client-side and perimeter attacks
Dramatically reduce operational expenses
  • Automate real-time validation of true threats with the patented MVX engine reducing the rate of false positives by orders of magnitude and the time to identify a true threat by 97%
  • Reduce signature-based threat alert noise and free your security staff to focus on genuine threats and remediation
  • Gain actionable intelligence to accelerate incident response
Simplify deployment and ease of use
  • Decrease deployment, integration and management overhead with a single integrated device
  • Consolidate alerts into a single view
  • Enable IPS without hindering the performance of the FireEye Network Security appliance


“Integrating STAP (Specialized Threat Analysis and Prevention) functionality directly with dedicated IPS technology, creates a more efficient and effective approach to detecting advanced, targeted attacks and greatly improves an organization's security posture.”

- John Grady, Research Manager, Security Products, IDC

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SAFETY Act Certified for More Protection

Achieve the highest level of liability protection under the SAFETY Act from lawsuits alleging failure of the technologies to prevent or mitigate an act of cyber terrorism.

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