Network Security Essentials

Affordable enterprise-class network protection against advanced attacks without overwhelming your security teams

You’re concerned with cyber security, and so are your partners and customers. And although you're ramping up security, your budget is tight. You need long-term security that pays for itself and helps you prove you can detect and stop sophisticated, persistent attacks—the ones that your firewalls, antivirus (AV) software and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) can’t track.

Network Security (NX series) 4400

Benefits of Network Security Essentials

Adopt proven network security for known and unknown threats

  • Detect advanced threats with the patented MVX engine, which analyzes over 80,000 events every second across a multitude of virtualized environments
  • Stop known (signature-based), unknown (zero-day) and multi-vector attacks that firewalls, AV software, IPS and traditional sandboxes miss
  • Get Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act certification for liability protection and utmost confidence

Deploy and maintain sustainable, high-performance security

  • Gain near-real-time detection for uninterrupted business workflows
  • Install a true inline solution at up to 250 Mbps throughput for 2,500 users if needed for scalability
  • Reduce operational overhead by minimizing duplicate and false-positive alerts generated by traditional IPS and riskware products

Establish a strong foundation for cyber security operations

  • Easy to deploy, operate and integrate into existing security infrastructures
  • Access to the FireEye global intelligence sharing network to help prioritize alerts and direct loss-mitigating responses

"FireEye Network Security instantly began to capture threats that had evaded the robust set of traditional data integrity measures we had in place."

- Hassnain Malik, CSO, El Camino Hospital

  • Detects advanced attacks with patented MVX engine
  • Identifies known attacks with signature-based IPS technology
  • Alert categorization and low rate of false positives
  • Inline blocking at up to 250 Mbps throughput for 2,500 users
  • Low-touch deployment and high-degree of automation
  • Affordable pricing and operational cost savings