Network Security Power

Enterprise-grade network security platform with contextual intelligence to drive effective triage and response

Cyber security is one of your top priorities. Your high-volume business and high-value assets warrant it. Your highly regulated industry demands it. You need to not only keep pace with but get ahead of the unrelenting and unwanted attention of sophisticated cyber attackers. Your firewalls, antivirus (AV) software and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) cannot detect today’s advanced, unknown threats and still produce an unmanageable volume of alerts that leaves your security teams overwhelmed and your organization vulnerable.

FireEye Network Security Power protects your organization from the most advanced attacks. Leveraging the patented Multi-Vector Virtual Execution™ (MVX) engine, web traffic is analyzed in real time to identify the most sophisticated attacks.

Enterprise-grade network security platform with contextual intelligence to drive effective triage and response

Benefits of Network Security Power

Get proven, network security against known and unknown threats

  • Detect advanced threats using the patented MVX engine, which analyzes over 80,000 events every second across a multitude of virtualized environments
  • Stop known (signature-based), unknown (zero-day), multi-stage and multi-vector attacks that firewalls, AV software, IPS, and traditional sandboxes miss
  • Capture weak-signal, malware and non-malware events to track down every element of attacker behavior
  • Get Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act certification for liability protection and utmost confidence

Elevate security and business performance simultaneously

  • Gain real-time and retrospective detection for uninterrupted business workflows, even during historical investigation and analysis
  • Deploy a true inline solution at up to 4Gbps throughput for up to 40,000 users if needed for scalability
  • Configure for high availability and automatic failover ensuring continuous threat prevention and detection
  • Improve your total cost of ownership by using cloud analytics and contextual intelligence to focus on critical alerts and reduce time to investigate and respond
  • Extend your protection for VIPs with mobile threat prevention


Know more, respond faster and secure better

  • Integrate threat detection, analysis and response technologies for rapid and effective alert prioritization and resolution—including RESTful APIs for cross-environment workflows
  • Reference contextual intelligence from the FireEye global intelligence sharing network and the included advanced threat intelligence subscription with every validated alert to help prioritize alerts and direct loss-mitigating responses
  • Protect every network and device and multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) across your enterprise from known and unknown cyber attacks 

"FireEye is continually innovating and staying ahead of the competition in delivering solutions that address the most current and insidious threats."

- Fortune 500 Company, IT Software and Services, Chief Information Security Officer

  • Complete view of attacks across organization with cloud-based analytics
  • Quick containment of threats with actionable contextual intelligences
  • Alert categorization and low rate of false positives
  • Mobile threat prevention for VIPs
  • Inline blocking at up to 4 Gbps throughput for 40,000 users
  • Low-touch deployment and high-degree of automation