SSL Intercept

Expose cyber attacks hiding in encrypted traffic

Encrypted traffic cannot be inspected by network security devices. As a consequence, the growing adoption of SSL protocols to encrypt Internet communication is providing cyber criminals with more means to evade detection. The FireEye SSL Intercept appliance offers organizations protection against encrypted attacks by giving FireEye NX Series visibility into selected SSL traffic to detect and block exploits, malware, and callbacks hiding inside.

Protect Yourself Against Encrypted Attacks

Protect Yourself Against Encrypted Attacks

Find out how the SSL Intercept appliance provides visibility into encrypted traffic so you can detect and block malware hidden inside. (video - 2:30 min)

Benefits of FireEye SSL Intercept

Strengthen network security with greater visibility

  • Temporarily decrypt SSL/TLS protected traffic to detect and block inbound malware and exploits
  • Decrypt outbound command and control (CnC) communication to stop intrusion and data exfiltration

Maintain control over confidential communication

  • Exclude trusted sites from SSL inspection to comply with privacy policies and compliance requirements
  • Minimize exposure by restricting decrypted traffic to FireEye devices

Enhance the value of FireEye NX Series investment

  • Offload performance-impacting SSL cryptography to a dedicated FireEye SSL Intercept appliance
  • Analyze both plaintext and encrypted traffic to detect and block persistent, targeted threats

SAFETY Act Certified for More Protection

Achieve the highest level of liability protection under the SAFETY Act from lawsuits alleging failure of the technologies to prevent or mitigate an act of cyber terrorism.

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