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Security Orchestrator

Simplify threat response through orchestration and automation

Security orchestration and automation helps you improve response times, reduce risk exposure and maintain process consistency across your security program. Being able to simplify your security operations means being able to prioritize alerts, improve staff efficiencies and decrease response times.

Streamline security tasks and accelerate response

Unify security tools

Unify security tools

Bring together disparate tools to give your team greater control over of the incident response process for improved efficiency.

  • Save time and resources
  • Improve your overall ROI
Enhance security team capability

Enhance security team capability

Give your team an edge on attackers with deployment, design, and pre-built playbooks.

  • Leverage our real-world, frontline Mandiant investigation experience
  • Get the help necessary to fend off advanced attacks
Increase efficiency and performance

Increase efficiency and performance

Eliminate errors through standardized process and automation while reducing time demands on already stretched SOC teams.

  • Minimize mistake-prone manual processes while maintaining incident response consistency
  • Automate repeatable tasks to optimize security staff


“Having the FireEye technologies in place has reduced the number of incidents and it has also decreased the amount of time it takes my staff to respond to alerts. After we adopted the HX endpoint solution the average time to resolve an incident shrank from around 110 hours to 5 hours.”

- Michael Roling, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Missouri

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