Invotas Security Orchestrator

Combine your people, processes, technology and data in a single tool

Respond to threats and attacks with the push of a button. Invotas Security Orchestrator is the one solution that connects your hardware, software, tools, and policy into a single cohesive solution.

Your staff can now spend their time focusing on the security fight, and not having to worry about the tangle of too many tools, and too much administrative overhead. FireEye products such as FireEye Network Security as well as third party technologies can forward events directly to Security Orchestrator and let automated actions respond to and contain attacks in seconds.

Invotas Security Orchestrator makes the different parts of your technology and security infrastructure work together. Automatically.


Unification of Effort: All Your Tools Act As One.

Acting on data ingested from FireEye and other enterprise devices, Security Orchestrator automates many of the tasks that security analysts do manually.

With a  platform like Security Orchestrator, you won’t only save time, you’ll make time. When your organization is attacked you need action. Extend your staff by allowing automated courses of action, capture their know-how, and automate away redundant, time consuming work.

Infinitely scalable and tool agnostic. Security Orchestrator is the one solution that can adapt to your organization’s unique needs.


Automate the actions. Not the Decisions.


Security Orchestration – How Fast Can You Make  Decision?

If you had all of the facts, all the context from the threat right in front of you – how fast could you make a decision? Pretty quick right? That’s the power of security orchestration. Your decisions are turned into automated workflows which can be executed with a click. This makes you faster and able to respond to threats with confidence and authority.

One of the most tedious aspects of a SOC analyst’s job can be the work they do to flesh out an attack. Analysts can spend hours pulling details from multiple tools, and multiple pieces of their network hardware in order to describe the event. And then do it again and again.

Your staff can now work inside one interface that encapsulates all of their current monitoring, tracking, and documentation tools.

They can respond immediately to attacks, gather intelligence, and easily manage responses to massive, complex attacks while not losing focus.


Your Processes. Infinitely Repeatable & Error Free.

A Cyber Playbook of Courses of Action will automate away hours of repetitive, manual labor. With Security Orchestrator, your team can start rolling back the tide of attacks. Reduce your threat window. Create orchestrated actions that trade CPU cycles for something you need even more – Time.

This Changes Everything: Automated Courses of Action.

Create executable processes that connect directly to your tools with our Course of Action (CoA)Builder.

The CoA Builder uses business process management standards to give you a logical process map to work from. It even has contextual menus based on the capabilities of many of the tools you already know and use every day.

Build workflows that let your SOC teams handle tasks that are specific to their skillset, or branch to other fully automated workflows based on the trapped event.

Create CoAs that can source event enrichment data from any device or application on your network.

Using the builder and a host of available plugins that can interface with industry standard hardware and software solutions already present in your enterprise, CoA builders can create workflows that are as simple or as complex as the threats they defend against.


The Course of Action builder uses a Visio style interface to create processes inside ISO. You’re actually using the actual device API as you’re building the workflow. If you’ve used Microsoft Visio, then you’ll be very comfortable in building a Course of Action.


Additional FeatuREs

Cyber Playbook

Cyber Playbook

Everything you’ve ever done. Repeatable. All through one comprehensive library.

Point and Shoot

Point and Shoot

Drag and drop interface they can build or adjust existing Courses of Action on-the-fly.

Case Management

Case Management

Manage incidents by orchestrating the incident data, escalation and notification processes.

Incident Forms

Incident Forms

Dynamic forms to extract critical case data such as indicators of compromise (IOC), summary data.

Role-Based Actions

Role-Based Actions

Create users, build groups, and assign them to roles. Give each team exactly what they need.

Assign and Queue

Assign and Queue

Deconstruct security analyst workflows into a sequence of tasks, assigned roles and approvals.


Quick & Easy to Deploy

Step 1: Cyber Playbook Review

  • Identify repetitive tasks
  • Capture time to resolve
  • Build workflow


Step 2: Pilot Use Cases

  • Technical validation
  • Define business cases
  • Capture saved time to resolve


Step 3: Deploy Solution

  • Initial use cases and plugins
  • Train on workflow design
  • Report on saved time to resolve