Security Orchestrator

Simplify threat response through integration and automation

FireEye Security Orchestrator helps you improve response times, reduce risk exposure, and maintain process consistency across your security program. It unifies disparate technologies and incident handling processes into a single console that codifies experiences from the frontlines to deliver real-time guided responses.

Security Orchestration Best Practices

How to simplify and automate your security tools and processes

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Orchestration for Cyber Security

Streamline security tasks and accelerate response

Unify security tools

Bring together disparate tools to give your team greater control over of the incident response process for improved efficiency.

  • Save time and resources
  • Improve your overall ROI

Enhance security team capability

Give your team an edge on attackers with deployment, design, and pre-built playbooks from our team of experts.

  • Leverage our real-world, frontline Mandiant investigation experience
  • Get the help necessary to fend off advanced attacks

Increase efficiency and performance

Eliminate errors through standardized process and automation while reducing time demands on already stretched SOC teams.

  • Minimize mistake-prone manual processes while maintaining incident response consistency
  • Automate repeatable tasks to optimize security staff

Security Orchestrator features

Incident Response Playbooks

Incident Response Playbooks

Codify real-world Mandiant expertise into playbooks to decrease response times and automate tasks.

Pre-Defined Plug-Ins

Pre-Defined Plug-Ins

Enable simple, high-quality workflow integration with unparalleled functional depth.

Centralized Dashboards and Advanced Hunting

Centralized Dashboards and Advanced Hunting

Investigate and hunt threat actors from a centralized dashboard across disparate security tools.

Case Management

Case Management

Investigate and hunt threat actors from a centralized dashboard across disparate security tools.



Determine the sources, methodology and targets of an attack, and prevent reoccurrence.

Role-Based Actions

Role-Based Actions

Limit execution access and privileges to only the workflows individual team members need.

Orchestration Deployment Services

Automation and Workflow

Our Orchestration Deployment Services offer the industry’s best expertise in building Courses of Actions (CoAs) and deploying FireEye Security Orchestrator. We ensure your deployment is successful, easy to maintain and provides the functionality to manage events across multiple FireEye and third party products.

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