FireEye XDR

A flexible eXtended Detection and Response solution

Organizations worldwide are overwhelmed by a barrage of cyber threats that put their data, operations and clients at risk every day. To combat the ever-increasing number and sophistication of attacks, FireEye delivers unmatched detection, protection and response technology through an extensible and flexible cloud-based XDR platform.

FireEye XDR Overview

FireEye XDR Overview (1:30 min)

We exist to protect our customers, period.

Make your existing security solutions better with greater visibility and detection from FireEye XDR, a unified platform to improve your security posture against the most sophisticated threats.

Improve Analyst and SOC Efficiency

Improve Analyst and SOC Efficiency

Correlate disparate events from multiple tools into actionable investigations.

Optimize Deployment

Optimize Deployment

Choose any combination of FireEye products to work smoothly with your third-party security solutions.

Deliver Detection Efficacy

Deliver Detection Efficacy

Apply best practice security playbooks, updated daily, to confront the changing global threat landscape.

Highlight and Reduce Risk

Highlight and Reduce Risk

Use security analytics and automation to prioritize investigations and accelerate incident detection and response.

XDR Animation

FireEye XDR, from the frontlines of threat detection and response.

FireEye XDR combines the automation of world-class technology with the power of unparalleled frontline human expertise, including industry-recognized services and nation-state grade threat intelligence.

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Gartner: Innovation Insight for Extended Detection & Response

"Extended detection and response describes a unified security incident detection and response platform that automatically collects and correlates data from multiple proprietary security components. Security and risk management leaders should consider the risks and advantages of an XDR solution."

* Gartner, Innovation Insight for Extended Detection and Response, Peter Firstbrook, Craig Lawson, 8 April 2021
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“The platform enables our analysts to become ‘super heroes’ who have visibility across the whole environment and gives them the ability to efficiently orchestrate complex mitigation strategies.”

- Steve Cobb, Senior Technology and Security Fellow, One Source Communications

Compare FireEye XDR to XDR Deployment Types

Product capabilities Hybrid XDR Native XDR FireEye XDR (Flexible)
Intel and correlation
Response capabilities
Full attack lifecycle visibility
Third-party vendor integrations Limited Limited 600+
Sensors for major threat vector Hybrid XDR Native XDR FireEye XDR (Flexible)
Email Depends on Vendor
Endpoint Depends on Vendor
Network Depends on Vendor
Cloud Depends on Vendor
Web Depends on Vendor
FireEye XDR diagram

Why FireEye XDR?

The ever changing threat landscape and the constant requirement for security teams to pivot across a multitude of products has given rise to Extended detection and Response (XDR).

FireEye has, from day one, strived to provide customers what is today being referred to as XDR outcomes.


FireEye XDR combines telemetry from security and business technologies like endpoint detection and response (EDR), network analysis and visibility (NDR), email security, SIEM and SOAR, cloud security, and more.

Prioritize Threats

We uncover threats by correlating incident data and applying unparalleled frontline intelligence and analytics to prioritize and respond to threats that matter.

Reduce Security Complexity

We not only provide our customers with simplified threat detection, investigation, and incident response, but also up-level analyst proficiencies.

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