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Security exists to protect your business whether you operate in a cloud, on-premise or hybrid environment. Security as a Service is a new mindset that delivers effective, efficient security with the value and scale you need, when you need it, so you can stay focused on your core business.

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Security as a Service

Security through Visibility

15 million endpoints deployed around the world

Community protection can be your greatest defense. It provides the visibility critical to Security as a Service. FireEye sensors at every customer deployment collect data on threats, which are analyzed and used to adjust detection algorithms for every other customer, every 60 minutes.  This early warning system continually reinforces the security posture of every FireEye customer.

Answers, Not Alerts

Identified more than 2x as many zero-day threats than any other security company

If 81% of the alerts generated by a security system are unreliable, you’re left with more questions than answers. Security as a Service establishes an expectation of efficiency, where security teams can prioritize and investigate alerts that matter. By combining proven FireEye technology with intelligence collected from a global team of analysts, you receive prioritized, actionable guidance on how to best protect your organization.

On-Demand Expertise

1,000+ experts tracking and responding to threats worldwide

Continuing to protect your organization will become more challenging because specialized security expertise is in scarce supply. With more than 1,000 FireEye experts relentlessly tracking over 16,000 threat groups around the world, FireEye is the go-to first responder for the world’s most consequential breaches. With experts available 24 hours a day, every day, FireEye provides you with the essential expertise required of a Security as a Service partner.

Efficient, Adaptive Defense

Accelerate response times by 95%

Sophisticated threats demand innovative solutions, but you should be able to build on your existing investments. With a Security as a Service approach, you can extend and enhance your security and risk management infrastructure with contextual intelligence, orchestration and automation to prioritize threats and improve incident response. FireEye technologies add that value to your existing security infrastructure.

Right-Sized Security

FireEye is committed to our success. David L. Stevens, CIO, County of Maricopa

As you grow and evolve as an organization, you must align your security portfolio with your IT and business needs. A Security as a Service partner ensures your ability to scale your protection at any time based on the needs of your business. Flexible options let you choose the perfect blend of FireEye intelligence, expertise, hardware, software and cloud-based solutions to get the security you need when you need it.

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"Shared intelligence on a global scale brings a level of comfort not just to me and my board but ultimately to my end customers."

- Marc Roche, CTO, Alpine Woods Capital Investors

Alpine Woods Customer Testimonial

Alpine Woods Customer Testimonial

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