Am I Prepared?

Implement programs and procedures that reduce the impact of cyber breaches

Better planning tends to win battles. At least 25% of all organizations report a shortfall in on-site expertise in at least one critical area (cloud, network, endpoint, data or forensics). As real as the threat landscape is, preparedness is paramount; the stakes are incredibly high. Mandiant experts can assess your current security program using extensive experience combating cyber breaches and intelligence about threat actor activity, including their tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs). We provide real-world, actionable recommendations that can help you improve your security posture today and develop a security program that can stand up to tomorrow’s most determined cyber attackers.

Whether you need to create, evaluate or improve your cyber security program, FireEye can help.

Am I Prepared?
Am I Prepared?

How to know if you're ready for Mandiant assessments

  • If you’ve just installed new security leadership or you have an organizational goal focused on improving your security posture, program assessments and contingency retainers are an excellent way to protect your organization while you gain a better understanding of your capabilities.
  • If you’ve just recovered from a breach, your defenses have been reinforced and you’re likely on high alert for further attacks. It’s a great time to review and proactively identify opportunities for improvement.
  • No matter where you are on the spectrum of security maturity, there’s significant value in assessments that summarize the quality of your overall security posture and suggest practical methods fpr improving your security program.

Mandiant assessment services to meet your needs

Incident Response Retainer: Keep incident response services on standby so experts who know how you work will be on hand instantly in the event of a breach.
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Response Readiness Assessment: Test your ability to respond to a cyber incident and compare your current preparedness practices to our six core capability models.
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Security Program Assessment: Determine your security program’s effectiveness across 10 distinct security domains.
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Tabletop Exercise: Test your ability to respond to a cyber incident through real-world-based scenarios.
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ThreatSpace Advanced Cyber Crisis Simulation: Pressure test, assess and coach your SOC and Incident Response teams against actual malware and attack techniques used in recent, real world attacks. Test team dynamics, crisis action plans and more with the help of FireEye iSIGHT's cyber threat intelligence experts.
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Why choose Mandiant Consulting?

Security is our business. We stake our entire reputation on the quality of our technology and services. We use a systematized process to apply a proven, custom, six-core capability model as a baseline for your system operations center (SOC) or computer incident response team (CIRT).

No matter the level of maturity of your security operations, you can be assured that we can deliver a strategic roadmap and recommendations to help your security program succeed.


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