Breach Preparedness

Let our industry-leading security experts help you better prepare for, respond to and recover from breaches

Breaches happen. We can help you be ready for them. Our Breach Preparedness services are designed to assess and strengthen your ability to detect, react to, and contain advanced attacks with speed, efficiency, and scale.

FireEye Mandiant consultants can test how well you respond to breaches, provide cost-effective suggestions for improvement, help you design a robust security operations program, and work with you to build a cyber defense center or SOC. You can even have a team of expert first-responders on call that will spring into action as soon as a breach is suspected.

With our Breach Preparedness services you can be confident that your organization has what it takes to quickly catch attackers and prevent breaches from turning into catastrophes.


Are you ready to respond?

Evaluate and improve your ability to respond to the next attack.

Breach Preparedness offerings

Incident Response Retainer

Reduce your incident response time and minimize incident impact.

  • Follow an industry best practice for mature breach response
  • Get expert response within hours, not days or weeks

Response Readiness Assessment

Assess your ability to detect, respond to and contain advanced threats based on your needs and compliance requirements.

  • Review and test your SOC workflow, intelligence and response plans
  • Get clear recommendations for improving your incident response capabilities

Tabletop Exercise

Test and improve your organization's cyber incident response plans with scenario gameplay.

  • Efficiently evaluate executives and technical professionals on response readiness
  • Identify gaps between documented and expected responses and actual behaviors

Cyber Defense Center Development

Design and develop a security operations program to defend against sophisticated attackers.

  • Build on core framework of governance, communications, visibility, intelligence and metrics
  • Optimize budget and resources to effectively prevent, detect and respond to incidents


"Being able to respond efficiently and effectively to security incidents is critical to our business. The TableTop Exercises were very valuable as they provided the means for the teams to validate decisions, engage in discussions."

- CISO, Global Technology Distribution company

Our breach preparedness services will help you:

  • Assess and improve your readiness to respond to breaches
  • See how well your SOC and Incident Response teams defend against actual malware and attack techniques
  • Identify gaps between documented and expected responses and your security team’s actual behavior
  • Develop and implement a cyber threat intelligence program for improved decision making across your organization
  • Significantly reduce response time and the impact of breaches
  • Better manage your security processes and successfully combat future cyber threats
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the tools, processes, and expertise you use to respond to cyber attacks
  • Improve your security team’s response capabilities by practicing against new and emerging threats in a simulated environment

Experience, knowledge, and intelligence on your side

  • We have successfully helped thousands of clients, large and small, respond to breaches of all kinds.
  • Our extensive knowledge of threat actor behavior allows us to recommend programs and procedures that will help you minimize the effect of breaches.
  • We use industry-leading intelligence about the tactics of advanced attackers to ensure you’re prepared to deal with new and emerging threats.

Ready to get started?

Our security experts are standing by to help you with an incident or answer questions about consulting services.

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