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When a cyber security breach occurs, you want experts who know how to respond with speed and scale. Your breach is not the time for on-the-job training. With FireEye, you can be confident that some of the world’s best cyber security experts are not only analyzing and stopping the threat, but also preventing threats no one’s yet seen.

FireEye has more than 13 years of technical and investigative expertise in cyber security. This knowledge allows us to formulate effective incident response, evaluate the efficacy of your security program against real-world attackers, and develop effective security operations that minimize the risk and impact of future incidents.

We’ve codified our understanding of the evolving threat landscape and attacker behavior into state-of-the art security products that detect what others miss across all vectors to help you respond quickly and effectively. This gives FireEye unrivaled expertise to defend you against threats, resolve incidents quickly and prepare for tomorrow’s attacks. And in a world where threats continually evolve and skilled staff is scarce, exposure to FireEye experts often helps security teams advance their own skills.

Getting inside the mind of a cyber attacker

During investigations, FireEye experts see what the attackers did, how they did it and what they were seeking, especially once they breached the perimeter. Over the course of tens of thousands of investigations and assessments, FireEye experts have come to understand the evolving threat landscape, attacker motivations and ever-changing attacker behavior in a way others cannot.

This knowledge provides FireEye with the victim’s perspective on evolving and ever-changing actor actions and motivations, and is fed into all FireEye products and services.

600 million

Interconnections we've mapped between threats, actors and sponsors.


Threat actors tracked by FireEye experts.


Nation-state sponsored groups.

Incomparable frontline experience

FireEye security experts have deep-rooted expertise in fighting cyber terrorism across all fronts, from stopping attacks at customer sites to understanding the socio-political context for attacks. No competitor has comparable frontline experience, so they can never provide the same level of intelligence. This allows FireEye to understand how attackers infiltrate an organization, what they do once inside and how organizations can better protect themselves

Incident responders

Our incident responders have been on the front lines of the world’s most complex, headline-making breaches. They have a deep understanding of both existing and emerging threat actors, as well as their rapidly changing tools, tactics and procedures.

Intelligence analysts

Our intelligence analysts understand the motivations and geopolitical triggers for cyber-attacks. They rigorously track and analyze the financial and political dimensions of cyber threats worldwide. As a result, they’ve developed a deep understanding of the human attackers behind the threat that allows you in turn to anticipate threats.

Malware analysts

We have hundreds of security consultants and malware analysts meticulously combing attack artifacts for clues. That knowledge is used to respond to breaches and is codified into our protection and response technology solutions.

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"Cyber criminals are relentless and very creative. It's imperative we continually evaluate our security posture to defend against attacks. The expertise of Mandiant consultants equips us with the knowledge we need to constantly reduce risk and improve how we operate."

- Anton Bonifacio, CISO, Globe Telecom

Leading the industry

Our expertise has resulted in a number of “firsts” that have propelled us to the forefront of the industry:

  • First to develop multi-vector virtual execution (MVX) architecture, which leverages the codified intelligence and expertise to detect what others miss
  • First to codify advanced attacker behavior
  • First to conduct forensics at scale
  • First to identify advanced threat actors such as APT1

FireEye experts have written more than 13 books on cyber security, including the definitive guide Incident Response & Computer Forensics. They are frequent speakers at the Cyber Defense Summit, and regular contributors to the annual M-Trends report and threat intelligence reports.

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