Mandiant Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities that advanced attackers could exploit

The Mandiant Vulnerability Assessment service offers a complete portfolio of more advanced red teaming work and application, system, and infrastructure assessment services. It includes recommendations and risk mitigation strategies to help you improve your existing security posture and reduce the risk of a successful attack.



Vulnerability Assessment services evaluates the strength of your defenses against the attacks that are most likely to be used by attackers. Our consultants leverage methodologies from our incident response practice to provide the most in-depth and real world scenarios possible. Vulnerability Assessment provides you with actionable recommendations. All findings are rated based on risk, probability of exploitation and potential business impact. This allows you to address the issues that matter the most to you.

We customize the exploitation and assessment work to your environment and goals. For example, you specify separate instances of critical data that cannot be lost and we attempt to break into the environment and access that data. Our red team can often stealthily break into highly segmented and secure environments and exfiltrate example data.

Infrastructure Security

Through hundreds of vulnerability assessments we have identified thousands of critical vulnerabilities that have exposed enterprises to external and internal attacks. Services include:

  • Red-team assessments
  • External network vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Internal network vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Wireless security assessments
  • Citrix assessments
  • Network architecture and firewall review
  • Social engineering
  • Host and network device review
  • Custom services as requested

Social Engineering and Physical Security

Security is only as strong as its weakest link. Unfortunately, the weakest link is often the employee. The Vulnerability Assessment service includes a portfolio of social engineering and physical penetration testing services to help you identify deficiencies in employee security awareness that can result in the accidental exposure of critical corporate information.

Application Security

It is critical to test applications at regular intervals, especially after important changes or before launching new applications. Regular application vulnerability assessments will help identify and remediate vulnerabilities and maintain an attacker-resilient web presence. Our extensive portfolio of application security assessments includes:

  • Web and client-server application security assessments
  • Mobile application assessments across most platforms
  • Source code reviews for the most common programming languages
  • Software development lifecycle (SDLC) reviews
  • Application architecture assessments
  • Custom services as requested
  • Database and middleware application assessments

"...the central narrative stayed the same: far too many organizations were unprepared for the inevitable breach, allowing attackers to linger far too long in compromised environments."

- M-Trends 2015

Our Approach

The methodology and tools provided with vulnerability assessments leverage our extensive experience in incident response. They are adapted to mimic the approach that attackers typically use and vary based upon the exact scope and the technical characteristics of each environment under consideration.


Mandiant employs industry leading experts, many of whom are published authors who are active in the security community. Consultants stay informed on the latest attack trends shared from our incident response investigations. Our consultants see the attacks that customers are faced with every day and know the tools and techniques that attackers use.


Mandiant has well-defined methodologies developed and refined over many years. These methodologies are designed to systematically flush out vulnerabilities and closely follow attacker techniques, tactics and procedures.


We can conduct penetration tests and perform assessments across all major platforms including mobile devices, virtualized environments, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) environments, cloud deployments and traditional enterprise applications. We custom craft some of our tools to evade detection and exfiltrate sample data (if requested).