Prepare for Future Events

Develop the advanced skills you need to secure your organization

As a forward-thinking, security-conscious organization, you want to be ready to handle your own security. However, the gap between security openings and the professionals to fill them will reach 1.5 million by 2020. It will be increasingly difficult to build a skilled workforce and cyber security program that incorporate industry-best practices. Given the sophistication of the most dangerous cyber attackers, keeping pace with current threats is a full-time activity. Mandiant can bring in industry-leading security experts to help your staff understand what to expect from modern attackers and adopt the latest and best security practices. 

When it comes to building up your internal security knowledge and expertise, FireEye can help.

Prepare For Future Events
Prepare For Future Events

How to know if you're ready for Mandiant assessments

  • If you have no dedicated security team or a fledgling security operations center (SOC), you may need help to ensure your resources are used in the most effective manner.
  • If you are finding it difficult to recruit skilled, seasoned security professionals on the open market, you may want to equip your existing security team with the industry best practices and threat intelligence.
  • If you recently invested a large amount of time and resources into your cyber security efforts, you may need advice on how to prioritize and optimize how you spend those resources.
  • If you have all your basic security needs covered by automated conventional systems, you may be ready for more advanced tools and practices to deal with sophisticated threats.

Mandiant assessment services to meet your needs

Education Programs: Learn from security experts who have practical experience combating cyber attacks.
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Cyber Defense Center Development: Map five core security capabilities to your strategic goals to implement a resilient security program.
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Intelligence Integration Services: Learn to apply FireEye iSIGHT's high-fidelity cyber threat intelligence to better predict, detect and respond to current and emerging threats. Whether educating a new intel team or refocusing existing staff, FireEye's Intelligence Integration Services operationalize intelligence practices to help mitigate risk and proactively protect your business. 
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Explore the threat landscape:

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Why choose Mandiant Consulting?

Every transformational and educational Mandiant consultant has direct experience working on the front lines of cyber attacks around the world. We develop practical, realistic security frameworks that can be customized to your unique business environment. And as we guide your teams through courses and workshops, we’ll make sure you get all the tools and information you need to adopt cyber security best practices and optimize your security investments.


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