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Education Services

Train your cyber security team to secure and defend the enterprise

FireEye Education Services enhance your team’s operational skills and improve their ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks.

Courses draw from the full spectrum of FireEye capabilities, including product knowledge, advanced cyber threat intelligence, and frontline incident response expertise from FireEye Mandiant.


Education Services

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Mandiant and EmergingEd partner to provide interactive self-paced cyber training from your home.

Windows Enterprise Incident Response: You'll learn to conduct rapid triage on a system to determine whether it is compromised, uncover evidence of initial attack vectors, recognize persistence mechanisms, and investigate an incident throughout an enterprise. Includes four live hands-on labs for input from industry experts.

Network Traffic Analysis Course: You'll get hands-on, tactical experience with network protocols, network architecture, intrusion detection systems, network traffic capture, and traffic analysis. Includes four live hands-on labs for input from industry experts.

Cyber Security Awareness: You'll learn to identify common attacker methodologies and how an attacker enters, persists, and exfiltrates data from an organization via the attack lifecycle. 


“All of the trends we’re seeing lead to one conclusion: It is more critical to focus on all aspects of your security posture (people, processes, and technology) than ever before.”

- M-Trends Report


Improve the capabilities of your security teams

FireEye Solutions Education

FireEye Solutions Education

Courses teach students how to implement and manage FireEye technology, how to respond to and investigate alerts, and how to defend against the latest cyber security threats.

  • Courses blend lectures with hands-on lab exercises
  • Sandbox environment lets students work with real malware, risk-free
  • All instructors are seasoned cyber security veterans
Cyber Security Education from Mandiant

Cyber Security Education from Mandiant

Courses bring Mandiant’s extensive front-line experience directly into the classroom. Students gain first-hand knowledge of attacker TTPs, tools and malware.

  • Students learn practical, realistic security frameworks
  • Courses teach proven methodologies for detecting and responding to attacks
  • Instructors are security practitioners who are in the field daily


ThreatSpace is a technology-enabled service that allows you to assess and develop your security team’s technical capabilities, processes, and procedures.

  • Teams investigate simulated attack scenarios in a virtualized environment
  • Simulated infrastructure includes network segments, servers, and applications
  • Teams respond to real-world threats in a consequence-free environment

Education Services highlights

  • Instructor-led, online and eLearning courses
  • Highly skilled instructors with broad, front-line industry, and government experience
  • Classes and exercises based on real-world investigations, not theoretical scenarios
  • Realistic scenarios in simulated environments featuring the latest attacker TTPs
  • Courses available worldwide with regionally located consultants
  • Consistent educational and exercise methodologies

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