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From the Front Lines to the Front of the Classroom

In today’s threat landscape, the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of attackers continuously evolve. To keep pace with attackers, security experts must invest time and effort in continuing education.

From the Front Lines to the Front of the Classroom


Mandiant offers a variety of courses as part our mission to share what we know with the security professionals who need it most. We equip Fortune 500 executives, law enforcement officials and independent security consultants with the knowledge and skill they need to face the latest cyber threats. Courses are available for security professionals at all levels, from beginner to expert.

All courses are taught by experts with hundreds, or even thousands of hours of first-hand experience responding to and defending against aggressive and sophisticated cyber crimes. In fact, much of the material for exercises and operational scenarios are based on actual security incidents for maximum impact.

Upcoming courses

OS X Malware Analysis Crash Course
March 28-29
Black Hat Asia 2017

Most malware analysts and incident responders aren't able to dissect OS X malware. And with the usage of Apple Macintosh computers growing across the enterprise they need to be prepared to deal with current and future threats. With that corporate increase comes an increase in attacks. Will you be prepared to analyze malware and threats targeted for OS X when they come your way?

This Crash Course rapidly introduces the tools and methodologies necessary to get you analyzing malware that targets the OS X platform. We use a practical, hands-on approach to quickly adapt your current malware analysis skills for OS X.

Private courses

We offer private courses for groups of 10-20 students. For more information, please email us at