Endpoint Security Deployment(WBT)

This entry-level online course covers deployment options, basic administration and core functionality for FireEye Endpoint Security appliances.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Identify the components needed for FireEye Endpoint Security appliance deployment
  • Identify the key phases of Endpoint Security appliance operation
  • Perform the initial configuration of Endpoint Security appliances and hosts
  • Create custom threat indicators
  • Identify critical information in an Endpoint Security alert
  • Validate an Endpoint Security alert
  • Request and approve hosts for containment

Who Should Attend

Network security professionals and incident responders who must set up and work with FireEye Endpoint Security appliances.


A working understanding of networking and network security, the Windows operating system, file system, registry and use of the command line interface (CLI).


2-2.5 hours

Course Outline

  1. HX Deployment

  • Standard Deployment
  • Integrated deployment with CM
  • Lookback cache
  • Phases of operation
  • Initial appliance configuration

  2. Agent Management

  • Agent Installation and provisioning
  • Agent upgrades
  • Agent policies

  3. Host Management

  • Host sets
  • Backing-up host certificates

  4. Threat Management

  • Intelligence management
  • Alerts
  • Triage Summary

  5. Containment

  • Containment process
  • Containment settings

  6. Searches and Acquisitions

  • Acquiring files and triage packages
  • Simple and Exhaustive searches


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