Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training

Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training is a cost-effective way to empower cyber security teams to effectively use intelligence across different job roles, at different skill levels. Courses include videos led by Mandiant subject matter experts and practitioners, written text, and interactive assessments. 

Intelligence is vital to making sure your organization is proactively tracking and mitigating the threats that matter. Intelligence training makes sure your team members know how to turn that intelligence into action, so you can respond effectively and efficiently to whatever threats you’re facing. 


Course Offerings

The Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training courses are designed to help producers and consumers of intelligence better craft and interpret intelligence reporting to make sure intelligence leads to action. Each course incorporates real world intelligence reporting and scenarios drawn from our front-line expertise. Content can be accessed 24x7 from a standard web browser, with no downloads required.

Each course has between 8 and 32 hours of content and align to a different phase of the Intelligence Lifecycle. Currently available courses include: Cyber Intelligence Foundations (CIF), Intelligence Research I (Scoping), and Intelligence Research II: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Techniques and Tools. New courses will be added quarterly.

Course Description Duration Cost  
Cyber Intelligence Foundations (CIF) A foundational survey course that introduces the field of cyber intelligence.  All subsequent courses reinforce concepts introduced here. 32 hours $1,000 or 1 EOD* Unit Register
Intelligence Research I (Scoping) Aligns to Planning and Direction Phase of Intelligence Lifecycle.  Learn how to ask the right questions and identify relevant context to properly scope an RFI, assess sources, and utilize a Research Management System. 8 hours $1,000 or 1 EOD Unit Register
Intelligence Research II (OSINT) Tools and Techniques Aligns to Collection & Processing Phase of Intelligence lifecycle. Learn how to leverage open-source tools to identify and think critically about pivot points to drive investigations across multiple use cases. 16 hours $1,000 or 1 EOD Unit Register
Additional Education Services

Mandiant offers numerous training services beyond intelligence training, including teacher-led and web-based training. The full catalog is available on the FireEye Training site.

Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training

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