Intelligence Research I—Scoping

August 23–24, 2021 (Americas / EMEA evening)


This foundational course teaches students to analyze, prioritize and fully understand requests for information (RFIs), and create a research plan that keeps their efforts on track.

Students will learn to uncover stakeholder intent so
their intelligence analysis can be actioned. They will gain the ability to fully interpret implicit and explicit RFIs by identifying relevant context from intelligence requirements, organizational threat profiles, and key stakeholder analysis.

They will also learn how to use a research management system to organize research and avoid information overload, and assess source relevance and trust to ensure efficient and focused collections efforts.

Event Information

  • LOCATION: Online
  • START DATE: August 23, 2021 
  • END DATE: August 24, 2021 
  • TIME: 8:00am–12:30pm Pacific Daylight Time, daily
    • UTC 15:00–19:30
    • 11:00am–3:30pm EDT
    • 4:00pm-8:30pm BST
  • COST: US$2,000 or 2 EOD units

Expertise On Demand (EOD) units will be accepted

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Use a structured, repeatable four-step scoping process
  • Generate context by referring to the organizational threat profile, key stakeholder analysis, and intelligence requirements (and how to proceed if these aren’t available)
  • Prepare for collections efforts by developing a research management system
  • Proactively assess different kinds of information and sources to avoid wasting time on irrelevant or unreliable sources

Who Should Take This Course

This is a foundational level course for cyber practitioners who must scope and respond to formal and informal requests for information (RFI’s).


Students should have taken Cyber Intelligence Foundations or have equivalent knowledge.

Technical Requirements

Students will access the live instructor-led course online. Students will require a computer that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Internet Connection: 25 Mbps+ recommended
  • Browser: Chrome recommended
  • Operating System: Windows or MacOS

Course Materials

Students will receive access to all required class materials.

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