Cyber security options for your industry or business needs

FireEye offerings adapt not only to combat advanced cyber attacks, but also to meet your budget, cyber security resources, and industry needs.


Solutions for

Data Centers

Protect unstructured data, close security gaps, and guard your data center against advanced malware attacks.


Secure your systems against ransomware with near-real-time, intelligence-powered inline defenses.

Enterprise Networks

Detect and respond to today’s evasive threats across all major threat vectors while spending your security resources and budgets more efficiently.

Incident Investigation

Build a strong, complete, fully integrated plan to eliminate all the blind spots between detection and remediation. Get visibility from network to endpoint and turn alerts into answers.

Small and Midsize Businesses

Build strong, affordable, and manageable cyber defenses to stop advanced threats that traditional cyber security measures miss.

Industrial Systems and Critical Infrastructure

Protect industrial networks and ICS/SCADA systems from sabotoge and espionage with FireEye security solutions


Financial Services

Financial Services

Defend your credibility, integrity and assets by protecting employee, customer and business data.



Defend nations and citizens against the loss of money, industrial secrets, and personal data with comprehensive, policy-compliant cyber security.



Protect privileged patient data, proprietary clinical research, and intellectual property.

Higher Education

Higher Education

Safeguard your valuable student, faculty and staff data and intellectual property.



Preserve your reputation, your competitiveness, and the integrity of your customers’ personal and financial data.

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