Threat Intelligence Subscriptions

FireEye Threat Intelligence is a proactive, forward-looking means of qualifying threats poised to disrupt your business based on the intents, tools and tactics of the attacker. Our high-fidelity, comprehensive intelligence delivers visibility beyond the typical attack lifecycle, adding context and priority to global threats before, during and after an attack.

It helps mitigate risk, bolster incident response, and enhance your overall security ecosystem. Get the intel you need to predict attack and refocus your attention on what matters most to your business.

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Threat Intelligence Subscriptions

Choose the level and depth of intelligence, integration and enablement your security program needs.

Most comprehensive



The most comprehensive situational awareness offered delivering the fullest scope of the global cyber threat landscape available. Enables visibility into and a deep understanding of threat actors, their activities, and tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs). Equips organizations with deep dives and analysis across all motivations of cyber activity. Fusion Intelligence provides the optimal combination of analytic reporting and technical intelligence for proactive security measures.

Motivation based

Cyber Espionage

Cyber Espionage

Delivering deep intelligence analysis and insights into adversaries who target corporate and government entities to collect information for their strategic advantage. Cyber Espionage intelligence provides profiles on emerging adversary policy, strategy, doctrine and operational art that will empower your organization with insight into this evolving motivation.

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

Delivers deep intelligence and technical analysis enabling improved responses to abuses of computer systems, cyber crime operations and the targeting of victim’s money, goods or services. Cyber Crime intelligence facilities an organization’s need to understand credential theft operations, ransomware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), network compromises, point-of-sale (POS), mobile malware and malware.

Function based



Aids a security analyst with actionable context to alerts, to enable better prioritization and informed response. Operational Intelligence provides access to the full library of malware intelligence reporting, as well as actor overviews and indicator reports.



Prioritize your patch management workflow based on relevant vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild. Enables your vulnerability analyst to respond to the most relevant vulnerabilities with confidence. Vulnerability also includes all Critical Infrastructure related threat intelligence reporting and vulnerabilities.



Conveys organizational risks to decision makers for better informed security investment and strategy. Includes intelligence analysis on industries, regions, and threats targeting enterprise networks improving executive-level communication on security topics relevant to your enterprise.

Experts who use threat intelligence

Vulnerability Analyst

See how tactical threat intelligence helps vulnerability analysts determine what threats are critical and how to communicate risks to management.

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Security Operations Center Analyst

Understand how operational intelligence enables SOC analysts to make better, faster decisions about alert escalations.

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Incident Responder

Find out how operational intelligence provides incident responders the answers they need - the who, what, why, when and how - about their attackers.

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CISO and Sr. IT Executives

Discover how fusion intelligence helps CISOs and executives assess risk and make better strategic decisions around security, budget and staffing.

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FireEye Threat Intelligence enablement and support

FireEye is committed to helping you get what you need out of your Threat Intelligence subscriptions, which is why we provide three different levels of enablement and support:


Familiarizes you with the basic materials and processes required to use the Intelligence portal, interact with the Customer Support Desk, and configure the iSIGHT API into your organization.


In addition to the Baseline enablement steps, this level of Support gains you access to FireEye’s Threat Intelligence analysts as well as a designated Intelligence Account Manager.


In addition to what you receive from the other two support offerings, Optimization includes a collection of your security concerns, more personalized access to Threat Intelligence analysts to address these concerns, focused threat briefs and intelligence workshops.

FireEye Threat Intelligence deliverables

Our intelligence experts work around the globe and around the clock to deliver the most comprehensive, contextually rich, actionable intelligence.

Included in each subscription is:

Onboarding and Provisioning – provides provisioning of users and API/Browser Plugin Keys as well as a formal business review conducted yearly.

Intel API – Easy integration of high-fidelity threat intelligence with your security, risk and compliance management technologies. 

Browser Plugin – scans webpages for technical indicators (IP, domain, hashes) and queries the Intel API to find matches in our intelligence holdings.

Intel Portal – On-demand access to the complete library of historical reporting for your specific subscriptions and tools so you can configure push notifications, such as email alerts and digests and SMS mobile alerts.

Analysis Tools – ability to receive context information about domain names, IP addresses and threats as well as upload suspect files for analysis.

Threat Media Highlights – Daily email that tracks the latest security stories, answers inbound questions from business executives, or preempts questions by proactively sending analyses to executives and board members. Our team tracks breaking news, analyzes the accuracy of important stories, and correlates our research and reports to give you the truth behind the headlines.

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