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Mandiant Threat Intelligence

The difference between informing your business and informing an appliance

Why you need Mandiant Threat Intelligence

Modern cyber attackers are sophisticated, well-funded, well-organized and use highly-targeted techniques that leave technology-only security strategies exposed. To identify and stop attackers, organizations need to understand how they think, how they work, and what they want. But the term threat intelligence causes many people to think of threat feeds and stop there.

FireEye Threat Intelligence provides a multi-layered approach to using intelligence within your security organization. Threat feeds are useful, but you also need the context surrounding an indicator to understand its implication to your organization. Tactical intelligence is good, but you also need strategic intelligence to understand what threats you face and how you need to align your defenses to address them. Operational intelligence is effective in quickly responding to an attack, but you also need intelligence that will allow you to move from reactive measures to proactive threat hunting.

FireEye Threat Intelligence gives you all of that and more. It is the difference between informing your business and informing an appliance.

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FireEye named leader in The Forrester New Wave™:
External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3 2018


“We ran comparisons with other companies against FireEye Threat Intelligence. What we were looking for was the quality of the intelligence, the timeliness, and the feasibility of integrating it with the different components in our infrastructure. Threat Intelligence won the contest hands-down.”

- Manager of Security Operations, Multistate Healthcare Provider


Read the Multistate Healthcare Provider customer story
FireEye solutions and services provide comprehensive protection for healthcare provider.

Threat Intelligence is more than a threat feed

Worldwide Intelligence Organization

Worldwide Intelligence Organization

Provide adversarial insight with hundreds of in-theater intelligence researchers across 23 countries speaking over 30 native and local languages.

Threat Intelligence Enablement

Threat Intelligence Enablement

Optimize your intelligence investment and ensure your success with assigned threat intelligence analysts and managers.

Analyst Access

Analyst Access

Clarify and deepen your understanding of actors and threat intelligence and how it applies to you.

Advanced Intelligence Access

Enable the creation of tailored intelligence by leveraging FireEye and Mandiant’s global visibility, intelligence, and insights.

Intelligence Capability Development

Assess your current program and deliver detailed plans for improving your intelligence capabilities.

Experts who use threat intelligence

Vulnerability Analyst

See how tactical threat intelligence helps vulnerability analysts determine what threats are critical and how to communicate risks to management.

Security Operations Center Analyst

Understand how operational intelligence enables SOC analysts to make better, faster decisions about alert escalations.

Incident Responder

Find out how operational intelligence provides incident responders the answers they need - the who, what, why, when and how - about their attackers.

CISO and Sr. IT Executives

Discover how fusion intelligence helps CISOs and executives assess risk and make better strategic decisions around security, budget and staffing.

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