Community Protection: Security in Numbers

Being part of a community that shares a common goal, exchanges information and has access to outside experts strengthens each individual member. Neighborhood watch groups and sports programs thrive in such communities. You can apply similar principles to improve your cyber security.

In this white paper, learn about what community protection means in terms of your organization’s overall security posture. With the right community protection, you can gain:

  • Data from all major industries and the top ten companies in each industry
  • A unique ecosystem that unites 65% of the Fortune 500 firms and more than 825 of the Global 2000
  • Machine-based, victim and adversary intelligence from 5000+ customer deployments
  • Real-time visibility of known and unknown threats from 14+ million virtual analyses per hour
  • Access to close to 1,000 experts tracking and responding to threats worldwide

Download and Read the White Paper.

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