Threat Intelligence Browser Plugin

Did you ever wish that researching security threats was easier? It is with the FireEye Threat Intelligence Browser Plugin. Powered by the FireEye Threat Intelligence API, our browser plugin gives you instant access to high-fidelity cyber threat intelligence. The plugin scans web pages for indicators of compromise (IOCs) and provides “one click” access to FireEye's world-class global intelligence.

Intelligence Browser Plugin: Chrome Web Store
Intelligence Browser Plugin: FireFox Web Store
Threat Intelligence Browser Plugin

Your browser is now a serious security research tool with high fidelity intel just a click away

Enjoy actionable intel while you browse! The browser plugin displays indicators and reports associated with the web page you're on. That's real-time threat intelligence based on domain name, IP address, partner info and more.

The browser plugin matches IP addresses returned in a Domain Tools Whois search to FireEye threat indicators.

Our browser plugin matches host IP addresses on Zeus Tracker to FireEye threat indicators and intelligence.

The browser plugin scans relevant results from the FireEye Intelligence portal.