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ONE user receives one targeted email

ONE click infects one endpoint. ONE company network is breached.

The evolving threat landscape shows spear-phishing and impersonation attacks on the rise.

  • 91% of cyber crime starts with email
  • One in every 101 emails contains a malicious link or attachment
  • Ransomware damages reached $5B in 2017

Organizations need to ensure this vector is protected and understanding the landscape helps.


Attack findings from over a 1/2 billion analyzed emails

Email Threat Report

Email Threat Report
Get ONE Step Ahead of Email Attacks

Impersonation: The many masks of email threats

Protect the ONE user

With 269 billion emails being exchanged every day, impersonation attacks are more prevalent than ever. You need to identify and protect the one targeted and vulnerable user in your organization.

Watch Impersonation: The many masks of email threats to learn how attackers prey on recipients’ imagination and emotions.

“Every day we receive around 6,400 emails – of which half are junk or spam – the bad guys are sending us messages with malicious attachments, frequently encrypted to avoid detection by our firewall.”

- Jeremy Taylor, Network Manager, Air Academy Federal Credit Union

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