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Email Security Threat Landscape
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Gartner Report

Fighting Phishing – 2020 Foresight

One user receives one targeted email

One click infects one endpoint. One company network is breached.

The evolving threat landscape shows spear-phishing and impersonation attacks on the rise.

  • 91% of cyber crime starts with email
  • One in every 101 emails contains a malicious link or attachment
  • Ransomware damages reached $5B in 2017

Organizations need to ensure this vector is protected and understanding the landscape helps.

Email Threat Report - Q1 2019

Keep an eye on the email threat landscape to help stay ahead of attackers and protect your business.

The FireEye Email Threat Report for January-March 2019 can keep you current with the latest trends:

  • URL-based attacks were the predominant vehicle for delivery of malicious content 
  • Phishing attacks rose 17% in Q1, compared to Q4 2018 
  • Impersonation attacks rose in Q1 and look set to continue to do so in Q2 
  • CEO fraud was a cyber cash cow that evolved a new variant 
  • Reputational blackmail attacks continued from 2018 into Q1 2019 
  • Commercial and free file-sharing services were exploited to deliver malicious payloads Nested emails were used to deliver malicious content


Email Threat Report - Q1 2019

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Email Threat Analysis Overview
Email Security Toolkit

Email Security Toolkit

Get one step ahead of email attacks

To better understand attacker tactics and ways to choose the best email solution for your needs, download the toolkit for immediate access to these resources:

  • Gartner Report: Fighting Phishing – 2020 Foresight
  • Email Security Buyer’s Guide
  • Email Threat Report

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