Government Security

Counter the evolving threats to mission critical government networks and critical infrastructure

Government networks and critical infrastructure around the world are under a constant state of attack. The nature of the threats, however, are anything but constant. They evolve on a daily basis as hacktivists, nation states and cyber criminals task the people, processes and technologies that make up Government cyber defenses to their breaking points. It is time to take the advantage away from the adversary with the help of the most robust suite of solutions for Government in the security industry.

FireEye, The Security Partner for Government

Learn how FireEye maps to SANS Security Controls and uses detonations chambers as recommended by NIST. (video - 2:22 min)

Strengthen every aspect of security – people, process, technology

FireEye is a partner to Governments around the world – whether at the local, city, state/province or national level – we strengthen every aspect of security for our clients.

Our solutions are designed to:

Implement affordable, policy-compliant cyber security solutions

  • Meet requirements from NIST-800.53, Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and SANS Consensus Audit Guidelines (CAG), as well as EU, NATO and the Australian Defense Signals Directorate (ASD) guidelines
  • Work within existing budgets at the city, state and national level
  • Reduce overhead and let your security team focus on security
Make Endpoint Security Your Start Point

Make Endpoint Security Your Start Point

Compliant with NIST standards, FireEye Endpoint Security provides government and higher education institutes an intelligence-led solution that streamlines inspection and analysis.

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SAFETY Act Certified for More Protection

Achieve the highest level of liability protection under the SAFETY Act from lawsuits alleging failure of the technologies to prevent or mitigate an act of cyber terrorism.

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Protect Government Assets in an Era of Cyber Warfare

Get recommendations to help enhance your security posture.

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15 Lessons For Security & Risk Pros From The IRS Breach

Forrester Research provides background on the breach and practical lessons you can use to protect your organization.

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"Firms that protect customer data more aggressively and provide better security will likely experience lower customer attrition and stronger brand loyalty."

- Forrester Research