Healthcare Security

Protect patient data, clinical research and critical infrastructure

Attackers target patient records, intellectual property and research assets because they’re the most valuable data on the black market. Fortunately, you can defend yourself. 

FireEye security solutions combine proprietary technology with threat intelligence and extensive experience to identify cyber attackers, their plans and their methodology.

Healthcare Breach Use Case

Healthcare Breach Use Case

See how FireEye's Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) is used to disrupt the attack lifecycle in a distributed healthcare environment. (video - 2:33 min)

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Benefits for Healthcare Providers

  • Minimize costs with technology managed by you or for you
  • Get tailored security programs backed by on-call expertise and continuous monitoring
  • Attain visibility and protection across your entire attack surface including connected medical devices
  • Protect your reputation by preventing loss of electronic protected health information
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Benefits for Life Sciences

  • Defend your three most important vectors of attack: network, endpoint and email
  • Understand risks from M&A activity
  • Mitigate vulnerabilities in your R&D supply chain

Benefits for Health Insurance Providers

  • Arm organizations with healthcare threat intelligence to identify and respond to attacks
  • Get expert security assessments that provide insight into weak points and compromises on your network
  • Prevent and mitigate high-profile data theft

Healthcare Cyber Security: Threat Prognosis

Healthcare organizations suffer breaches as frequently as people catch a cold. Regulatory compliance, while necessary, is not sufficient protection against today’s cyber attacks.

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Pharmaceuticals are Being Targeted by Advanced Cyber Attacks

FireEye delivers one platform to protect against the new generation of cyber crime to keep your organization’s critical data safe. (video - 1:06 min)

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Kelsey-Seybold Focuses On Patient Care As FireEye Wards Off Advanced Malware

With a diverse collection of exam-room PCs, laptops, and thin-client terminals — 4,500 endpoints in all — staying ahead of cybercriminals is a constant battle.

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