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FireEye Helix Platform

Helix Security Platform

Take control of any incident from alert to fix

To protect against advanced threats, organizations need to integrate their security and apply the right expertise and processes. FireEye Helix is a cloud-hosted security operations platform that allows organizations to take control of any incident from alert to fix.

FireEye Helix integrates disparate security tools and augments them with next generation SIEM, orchestration, and threat intelligence capabilities to capture the untapped potential of security investments.

Next-gen event management and behavioral analysis

Surface real threats hidden across your entire environment. Automate alert validation to manage alert volume and false positives. SIEM uses big data from thousands of remote systems to provide a holistic view of an organization’s IT security while user and entity behavior analytics uses machine learning, algorithms and statistical analysis to detect true internal and advanced external threats.

Detect advanced threats

Detect and remediate true threats that other appliances miss. The security analytics in FireEye Helix use machine learning and artificial intelligence to baseline your organization's 'normal' behavior and creates alerts when anomalies and deviations occur. Integrated real-time threat intelligence and customizable threat detections facilitate sub-second searches to detect multi-vector, non-malware-based threats.

Accelerate incident response

Helix features seamlessly integrated Security orchestration and automation (SOAR) for faster response times, process consistency, and reduced risk exposure. Simplify your cybersecurity operations to prioritize alerts and focus on true threats. Make compliance reporting more efficient with customized dashboards and access incident response playbooks and process automation to enhance your security team’s capability.

Ask an Analyst – using Helix

Expertise on Demand with one click

  • The expertise you need, when you need it. Access our industry-leading expertise to help upskill your team and accelerate investigation and incident response using the Helix security platform with Expertise On Demand (EOD).
  • EOD is available within your existing Helix purchase.
  • EOD can help you reduce the business risk associated with overburdened or under-skilled teams and collaborate to tackle attacks against your company.

Advanced features that simplify and improve security

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Improve threat and vulnerability detection with managed and curated detection rules

Security Analytics

Surface answers from your data with next generation security analytics

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Integrate existing alerts and events data with frontline intelligence

Workflow and Case Management

Workflow and Case Management

Collaborate, assign and monitor investigative tasks

Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR)

Automate response with pre-built playbooks created by frontline practitioners

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Detect insider threats and advanced attacks with machine learning driven analytics

Compliance Reporting

Compliance Reporting

Consolidate corporate data into HIPAA and PCI compliance reports

Lightweight Deployment

Lightweight Deployment

Enable rapid, scalable and cost-efficient deployment across cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments


“We understand the changing dynamics of the threat landscape and have confidence in FireEye to ensure we mitigate our risks for both our IT and operational technologies. Helix gives us an incredibly powerful, yet easy-to-use solution.”

- Don Martin, Chief Information Officer, EnerSys

One Platform

The need for one security platform

One central security platform helps you find the one alert that matters
and take you from detection to response faster.

Cloud Security

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Email Security

Email Security

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