Challenges Facing Endpoint Security: Four trends to consider when improving your defenses

Endpoint protection is not a fair fight. Organizations must protect every single endpoint, while attackers only need to breach one. Considering the following 4 trends when formulating a plan to improve your endpoint security:

  1. The number of endpoints continue to grow – 45% of corporate data resides on endpoint devices and almost 80% of workers use more than one device to access this data
  2. Insufficient machine-to-machine protection – by 2020 more than 12 billion machine-to-machine connections will need protection
  3. Misconfigurations and employee mistakes contribute to breaches – 84% of organizations say spear-phishing attacks successfully compromised them
  4. The supply of IT security professionals continues to lag behind the demand – 1 million cybersecurity jobs went unfulfilled in 2016

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