Industrial Control Systems and Critical Infrastructure

Protect industrial networks and ICS/SCADA systems from sabotage and espionage

From nuclear power plants to drug manufacturing, operational technology (OT) and IT networks are becoming increasingly interconnected, but at a price. They often have unique and unseen vulnerabilities that are exploited by advanced attackers for IP theft and physical destruction.  This is problematic for anyone who wants to make full use of interconnectedness but also requires a high level of security.

Because threat actors are increasingly sophisticated and well organized, your security system needs to be able to defend against attacks while actively identifying that an attack is occuring. Many systems may provide passive security against viruses, worms, and Trojan horses; however, the new threat landscape demands that your security must be able to respond to active threats.

FireEye Industrial Systems and Critical Infrastructure Security Solutions combine industry-leading FireEye security technology, intelligence, and expertise with partner products to deliver holistic protection for your entire enterprise.

Securing Critical Infrastructure
Securing Critical Infrastructure

Learn why protecting critical infrastructure is vital for compliance-driven industries and how FireEye partners with ICS leaders like Belden and Parsons for a unified defense.  

Energy Ministry Chooses FireEye

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources faces a constant barrage of compromise attempts and takes a strong, proactive stance when it comes to IT security.

"When it comes to detecting and preventing advanced attacks, the power of FireEye’s MVX technology has no competition. It is the only defense available in the market to protect against zero-day attacks."

- Officer Wahid Hammami, IT General Manager and Chief Information Officer

What is ICS?

Learn about what differentiates ICS from other information systems and how the confidentiality, integrity, availability (CIA) triad relates to ICS versus other information systems.

ICS Threat Landscape

Hear from Chris, a senior Mandiant consultant, about the five different types of attackers that may affect your industrial control systems.

ICS Architecture 101

Hear about common industrial control system architectures ranging from standalone control systems, distributed control systems and SCADA systems.

Six Subversive Security Concerns for Industrial Environments

Mitigate six hidden plant floor weaknesses that adversaries exploit to undermine operations. Read our step-by-step checklist.

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ICIT Forum 2016 Panel

Ann Dunkin (CIO of EPA) and Maria Roat (CTO of Department of Transportation) compare and contrast the top cybersecurity threats facing our nation's natural resources and transportation sectors.

Industrial Control System Healthcheck

Reduce security vulnerabilities in SCADA and ICS environments with tailored security services for your operational technology environment.