iSIGHT Intelligence: The Details

FireEye iSIGHT cyber threat intelligence is unique in the industry. Our team of more than 160 intel experts span the globe and apply decades of experience in intelligence collection and analysis to their work. With native speakers in over twenty languages, the FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence team has the cultural and colloquial knowledge required to understand important nuances discussed in the underground.

We produce deep, rich, contextual intelligence that includes motivation, intent, targets, attribution and methods, plus threat and technical tags.The FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence team employs a formal intelligence process, similar to a state-based intelligence organization, but optimized over nearly a decade, to rapidly collect and analyze findings and disseminate new intelligence to customers.

Our team uses the iSIGHT Intelligence Platform (TIP) – the most sophisticated commercial cyber threat intelligence platform ever developed. TIP supports every aspect of the intelligence collection, analysis and production lifecycle including: formalizing and managing intelligence and collection requirements, gathering human and technical threat data, conducting malware reverse engineering and analysis, fusing malware and technical information with threat context, and producing finished intelligence products. Our customers access our intelligence through iSIGHT Intelligence Cloud.

Global Threat Intelligence

Our clients have the broadest and clearest possible picture of the global threat landscape available today. Unlike other vendors that provide raw threat data, our experts deliver high-fidelity analysis derived from numerous sources across the globe including human intelligence, open sources, active community engagement, connections to the threat underground and criminal marketplaces, and real-time data collected from a variety of technical sources. You will have access to a substantial intelligence database we have amassed over nearly a decade of operations and forward-looking intelligence collected and analyzed daily.


iSIGHT intelligence Cloud


On-demand access to the complete library of historical reporting for your specific subscriptions and tools enabling you to configure push delivery methods including email alerts and digests, and SMS mobile alerts.



Fuse FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence with your security infrastructure. With iSIGHT API & SDK, you can easily integrate high-fidelity threat intelligence with your security, risk, and compliance management technologies. A wide variety of technology partners have already leveraged our API to build “out of the box” integrations with their platforms.



A daily email that is invaluable in helping you track the latest security story, answer inbound questions from business executives, or preempt questions by proactively sending analysis to executives and board members. Our team tracks breaking news, analyzes the accuracy of important stories, and correlates our research and reports – giving you the truth and detailed analysis behind the headlines.

Client Engagement

We have designed a comprehensive support system that ensures you are able to take maximum advantage of the industry’s best cyber threat intelligence.

With your iSIGHT Intelligence subscription, we assign you a dedicated Client Engagement (CE) manager. This individual acts as your primary point of contact and gathers your ongoing intelligence requirements. Additionally, the CE manager coordinates threat and malware analysis inquiries, which are included with iSIGHT Intelligence subscriptions. A unique aspect of our offerings is the direct access you and your team have with our expert analysts.

iSIGHT intelligence Subscriptions Include

Intelligence Streams

Intelligence Streams

Machine and human readable Intelligence streamed daily.

Inquiries and Research

Inquiries and Research

Clarifications on threat reporting and malware analysis.

Client Support

Client Support

A dedicated client engagement manager for requirements and inquiries.