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Endpoint Forensics

Remotely detect and investigate cyber attacks on endpoints across the enterprise

The ability to perform fast, targeted investigations across thousands of endpoints is critical when trying to prevent cyber attacks.

The Endpoint Forensics product is an endpoint security tool that helps organizations monitor indicators (IOC) of compromise on endpoints and respond to cyber attacks on the endpoint before critical data loss occurs.

“Nearly all (97%) organizations had been breached, meaning at least one attacker had bypassed all layers of their defense-in-depth architecture.”

Benefits of Endpoint Forensics

Prevent cyber attacks on the endpoint

  • Identify attacker behavior and their tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Analyze live memory—without downloading memory images—to discover hidden malware

Detect malware and other signs of compromise on endpoints across the enterprise

  • Sweep thousands of endpoints for evidence of compromise, including malware and irregular activities
  • Enable remote investigation securely over any network, without requiring access authorization
  • Collect targeted forensic data with intelligent filtering to return only the data you need

Respond to endpoint security incidents faster

  • Automatically collect data and analyze suspicious activity based on alerts generated by your SIEM, ticketing system or other applications
  • Integrate with other detection systems to automate triage of hosts with suspicious activity
  • Support open IOCs to allow security analysts to edit and share custom IOCs