Retail Security

It’s a fact: skilled cyber criminals are targeting you right now

They want your customers’ identities and financial data. They want to ruin your reputation and ability to compete. Fortunately, you can defend yourself.

The FireEye Adaptive Defense approach combines proprietary technology with threat intelligence and extensive experience to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced cyber attacks.

Retailers and Advanced Cyber Threats

Retailers and Advanced Cyber Threats

FireEye delivers one platform to protect against the new generation of cybercrime to keep customer and credit card information safe. (video - 1:08 min)

Follow the Money: Dissecting the Operations of the Cyber Crime Group FIN6

Download the report to learn about FIN6’s operations to steal payment card data and sell that information to an underground card shop.

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Learn how cyber criminals get access to your customers' data

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Case Study

Learn about the new methods cyber criminals use to exploit a retailer's network

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Threat Brief

Read a high-level overview on how point-of-sale systems and online stores are targets for cyber attacks

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"[With FireEye], we’re not spending time filtering through the noise of false positives, which means we can respond much more quickly when a real issue arises."

- Senior Manager of Threat and Vulnerability Management, National Grocery Retailer