Cybercriminals Exploit New Weakness in Retailers' Networks

Despite 82 percent of retailers reporting compliance with the PCI standard1 in 2013, FireEye consultants responded to an increasing number of retail financial theft incidents. In some instances the attacker maintained access to the compromised systems for up to six months.

What can you do to prevent or mitigate the risk associated with these attacks?

In 2013, our consultants saw two new compromise methods used by the most advanced cybercriminals. Learn more about the new tactics used by these attackers by downloading our latest case study.

This case study provides valuable insights into:

  • Two new methods used to exploit retailers’ networks.
  • What data the attackers were after.
  • Recommendations for you on how to protect your customers’ data.

Download the case study today.


1 Verizon PCI Security Practice. 2014.


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